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"Have fun tonight, babe." Sam said through the phone. We weren't going to see each other today since we wanted some time for our friends.

He was going to go out with the known 'Omaha Squad' as I went out partying with my home girls. "You too, don't get too fucked. And if you even think of doing something, I will cut your balls off." I threathened.

I heard Sam chuckle over the phone. "Sorry miss I'm on my period." He teased.

I gasped at his stupid comment. "I'm not on my damn period."

"Okay, miss I'm-"

"I will cut your balls off."

He laughed over the phone. Making him laugh always made my heart melt. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry, baby. But I know you want these balls so I'm pretty sure you won't do anything."

I rolled my eyes at his again stupid comment and continued applying my makeup. "I gotta go. See ya."

"Bye babe." He murmured before I hung up.

I was excited for tonight. No boyfriend. No guys. Just me and my girls.


Since we got into a cab, no one was going to drive. So everyone was able to drink as much as they wanted tonight.

We were at some kind of club Downtown and it was filled with drinks, good vibes and damn good music. "Let's dance!" One of my best friends, Beth said.

"No, no. I need a drink first." We walked over to the bar and we each got 2 shots, we weren't the smartest with taking decisions.

We were with the four of us, and I was glad no one was going to be a loner since we were with even pairs.

This circle of friends was the only female circle I could trust, all of them other girls were bitches.

The evening went really damn great. No one got raped, Jacky got a nice guy for herself, Beth started grinding on someone, also really damn hot, and Zoe and I were dancing with each other since we both were taken.

"Hey, babe." I felt an arm creep around my waist as I flinched and stood closer to Zoe who was also giving them dirty looks. "What are your names?"

"Quinn and Lisa." I faked. People always told me to use a fake name, I never really did, but I guess it was worth a try.

The stranger pulled another two guys to his sides as they started checking us out from head to toe.

We started to feel uncomfortable so we backed off a little. "I have a boyfriend." Zoe said.

"I'm better." The other guy said winking. Only the smirk on these creepers' faces wanted me to punch them. "I'm Oliver. These are Austin and Brandon." God, typical 'my daddy's gonna sue you'-/fuckboy names.

"Okay, awesome conversation." Zoe pulled us away from them as they approached us again.

"Woah, woah. Not so fast, babes." 'Austin' said while touching us again. Zoe slapped his hand away. Bad move. "I'll take the feisty one." He said to his friends. They smirked as I saw Beth and Jacky standing with four other guys.

They also approached us I narrowed my eyes to see who it were.

Sam and his friends. Thank the Lord, holy shit.

"Hey, babe. Having trouble here?" Sam said as he threw an arm around me.

Johnson threw an arm around Zoe and I hope he whispered to her 'play along'. "We're just talking." The middle guy said.

Johnson and Sam gave them disapprovaled looks and looked at them angrily. "Y'all bothering the ladies?"

They all took a step forward. They smelled like alcohol and weed. Yikes.

"Pissed that your girl wants an actual man?" He said to Sam.

Since he had been drinking too, his temper was short. So before I knew it the middle guy, uh, Olli? O- never mind.

The guy was laying on the ground, groaning as the other two guys started attacking Johnson.

Gilinsky and Nate ran over to us as they slammed their fists into their faces.

I gasped as I watched everyone go down. This was simply terrible. I yelled names, but no one listened.

Why didn't I just stop them all? Oh yeah, because I would end up unconscious in the damn hospital.

The security came faster than I thought and pulled the boys out of each other. They yelled some things like 'you dick' or 'that's pathetic' or whatever.

We ran back to the boys as they were standing outside, holding their busted faces. I ran over to Sam and examined his face. "Fuck," he said as I touched his face. "Sorry." I apologized to him.

"Don't be." He weakly smiled. The fuck boys left by now and I looked at the others. They were just as beat up as Sam was. "Fucking hell." He sighed.

"Let's get y'all cleaned up." I said.

We got a cab with all of us, except for Beth and Jacky, who called the boys, they probably already left with their new flames.

Once we arrived home I ran over to the sink and got a first aid kid. I walked back and saw all the boys groaning on the couch. We helped them one by one. I wanted to help Sammy first but he told me to do Nate first, so I did.

I felt bad. Like really, really bad.

There were four guys beaten up because some stupid guys came up to us. Just looking at them made my heart ache.

Once I was finished up with Nate and Zoe was with Gilinsky and already finished up with Johnson.

I walked towards Sam and kneeled in front of him, no not that kind of kneeling in front of him. He had a busted nose and a damn black eye.

I cleaned up his nose. Once I was finished with that I lightly touched his eye, but it was still pretty sensitive since he flinched at my touch. "Sorry." I quietly said.

"Again, don't be." He tried to laugh. I smiled at him and kissed his, not beaten up, lips.

"Where was that for? Not that I don't mind that a second time." Still with a black eye he managed to be smooth.

"For everything you and the guys did." I admitted. He smiled.

"You're not going to thank them in the way you thanked me, right?" Sam asked concerned.

I giggled and shook my head. "Of course not, you stupid." I sighed and laid my hand on his cheek, lightly caressing it. "You didn't have to do it, at all. I hate to see you and your friends like this."

"I wanted to. Nobody fucking touches my girl." A grin appeared on my face and I bit my lip.

"I love you." I said softly.

"I love you too."

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