Physical°gilinsky by Baelinsky
Physical°gilinskyby not yo bitch
"Are you a virgin?" "Yes I am, but i'd gladly let you change that" "That's inappropriate, and very unprofessional; im your doctor" + In wh...
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  • shawnmendes
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Groupchat » ogoc + freshlee by gilinskyputaas
Groupchat » ogoc + freshleeby ♕
I'd leave these hoes on do not disturb
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  • ethandolan
  • groupchat
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my babygirl → jack gilinsky  by canifflikestowrite
my babygirl → jack gilinsky by canifflikestowrite
"that's my babygirl over there, i'm gonna marry her one day"
  • wattys2018
  • nathalieparis
  • omahasquad
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Puberty ~ Jack Gilinsky by chicodakota
Puberty ~ Jack Gilinskyby lil ma🥀
"damn what happened to you" "its called puberty jack" lower case intended.
  • natemaloley
  • juliakelly
  • jackgilinsky
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Skaterade Tour → d.l & n.m by princessrsx
Skaterade Tour → d.l & n.mby r
→ in which maggie goes on skaterade tour, not knowing that it'll include drama, lots of it.
  • andrearussett
  • jackjohnson
  • jadison
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the girl in the club • jack gilinsky by heart-strings1
the girl in the club • jack heart-strings1
heartbreak, when a heartbroken guy is trying to move on. he stays home. he binge watches his favourite tv shows. maybe even wonder why him and his ex broke up. pitying h...
  • nashgrier
  • omaha
  • camerondallas
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Porn star 💫 Jack Gilinsky  by xanakadiego
Porn star 💫 Jack Gilinsky by xanakadiego
'wait you were a virgin baby?'
  • magcon
  • sammywilk
  • jackg
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OGOC Groupchats by joslynnlh
OGOC Groupchatsby 💐Joslynn💐
Here you will learn how y/n puts up with for 4 boys: Jack G ,Jack J, Sammy W, and Nate M aka Skate. Cover made by me
  • ogoc
  • natemaloley
  • wattys2017
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Cell Buddies | n.m by m0-renita
Cell Buddies | n.mby mia
"I just got caught with a fake ID, no big deal." "Damn it, here was I thinking you were a bad girl." ...
  • natemaloley
  • fanfic
  • skatemaloley
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Sugar Daddy ☾ Jack Glinsky  by xxDaddyGxxxx
Sugar Daddy ☾ Jack Glinsky by chelsea ::
"As long as I'm paying you, I can do whatever I want baby girl" - - ©2017 - y/n some how found her self being a sugar baby;)
  • hotguys
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  • sugardady
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protective | s.w. by yagirlsk
protective | s.k.
protective- /prəˈtektiv/ having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm. • contains sexual content and other adult themes such as use of al...
  • gilinsky
  • natemaloley
  • sammywilk
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baby mother // jack gilinsky  by RidinOnMaloley
baby mother // jack gilinsky by lil mama 🥀
"h-he's my son?"
  • jackandjack
  • jackgilinsky
  • mama
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Probation officer+ Derek Luh by maloskimaloley
Probation officer+ Derek Luhby 🏳️‍🌈
After awhile, I came to see him not only for monthly check ups.
  • jackjohnson
  • hate
  • romance
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Changed ✧ s.w by _teona
Changed ✧ s.wby T
"Oh so you didn't want me in 7th grade, but you want me now?" In which a girl who was once obese and had a tonne of acne in 7th grade is now in 12th grade and...
  • jackjohnson
  • samwilkinson
  • bullying
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Banter [Sam Wilkinson] by chillhunny
Banter [Sam Wilkinson]by Mary-Kate Parker Ryan
a 10 part story that unites two young social media stars beginning with banter over instagram
  • badgirl
  • comebacks
  • omaha
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INSTAGRAM - sammy wilk.  by lowkeywilkinson
INSTAGRAM - sammy wilk. by :)
sammywilk liked your post sammywilk commented on your post sammywilk started following you "whos sammy wilk?"
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groupchat  by Esme_boringbabe
groupchat by esme
just a messy, lit gc? extreme drama extreme love some 'out of groupchat experiences' aka real life • Amilla (Claudia Tihan) •Cameron Dallas •Jack Gilinsky •Madison Beer...
  • magcon
  • lit
  • skatemaloley
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sugar daddy » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"Give me sex and your time and I'll buy you anything you want, baby." In which a girl takes up an offer, but then realizes that it isn't as easy and simple as...
  • jack
  • nate
  • sam
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Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinsky by HappilyJodie
Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinskyby 👸🏼
@JackGilinsky followed you
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  • aaroncarpenter
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in which a boy and girl live in the same dorm. | ariana grande and jack gilinsky | editing!
  • funny
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  • grande
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