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(Sam's POV)

"Oh, pardon!" A French feminine voice said as I nearly got hit in the balls with a pile of books.

The girl accidentaly dropped the books in the crowded Paris street and I quickly helped her.

When I looked up I didn't except to see such a... beautiful woman. "Hi," I said, gazing at her soft expression.

She carefully smiled and said, "Bonjour."

"Je suis Sam." It was the only thing I was able to say in French, honestly.

"Je m'appelles Y/N." She smiled. "Ça va?" I frowned, not understanding the language.

"Ça... yeah." I murmured.

The girl giggled and shook her head. "You don't speak French, do you?" She said with a French accent.

"The only thing I'm able to say is 'Je suis Sam'." The girl laughed and I couldn't get enough of her, strangely.

So I decided to take her out for lunch.

Even though I was in Paris for only the show tonight, I just wanted to be with this girl the entire day. And a little more.

We spent the whole day roaming the Parisian streets and I couldn't get enough of it. I got to know a lot about her and I wanted to know more.

What is happening?

When I saw her checking out the flowers that stood outside, I decided to sneak inside and be cheesy by buying a small bouquet of flowers.

I sneaked up on her from behind, but she turned around before I could surprise her. "I saw you." She smiled.

I hid myself behind the flowers and grinned, "Damn, I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Thank you." She said as she accepted the flowers from me. "They're beautiful."

"Just like you." I winked. Y/N shook her head and we continued on walking.

It started to get dark and I knew this wasn't a good sign. "Shit, shit, shit," I quickly grabbed my phone and saw I had thirty more minutes.

No, no I don't want to leave.

"So, I told you the reason why I'm in Paris, right?" I asked her. She nodded as she sipped her coffee. "Do you want to come to my show?" I asked with puppy eyes.

"Stop looking like that! You're making it really hard to say no."

"Why would you say no to this face who just bought you flowers?" I set up an even worse puppy face and pointed at my face.

She snickered and sighed, "Fine. Where is it?"

I did a little happy dance in my head and grabbed her hand, running to the closest bus station. "You're gonna love it. And I'm gonna kidnap you with me for the rest of this tour." Maybe even my life.

"Woah, woah." She stopped running. "Not sure if you're kidding or not since I just met you today." I gave her a fair point, but I lightly grabbed her hand again.

"You can trust me."

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