Daughter Periods

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(Sam's POV)

"Y/N?" I said through the phone. A particular someone, aka Y/N, had been ignoring my calls.

You see, my twelve year-old daughter just got her fucking period. For the first time.

"What? I'm in a meeting, Sam." She semi-whispered. "This is really important, so can you please-"

"Beth just got her period." I quickly said while interrupting her.

The other line stayed quiet for a while. "Y/N?"

"You're kidding."

"I'm blood serious, get it?" I joked.

I heard her groan on the other line out of annoyance. "You better apologize for that stupid comment." She said with a steady tone.

"Why sorry mother."

She chuckled and sighed. "Okay, uh. There are some pads in under the sink, and make sure she wears new underwear. Oh, and please, wash that underwear that's covered in blood.

But not with the clothes, though. Just seperately because you know, you don't want to get bl-"

"Yup, I get it." I said before she could finish her gross line. "Under the sink, right?"

"Yeah, I gotta go. Good luck, bye." She rushed.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

Did she just hung up on me?

I sighed and walked towards Beth again, who just on her bed, groaning.Wait, pads. I went to the bathroom and got a couple of colored things. "Beth?" She turned around and looked at me.

"Dad, this is terrible." She whined.

"The pain or the fact that there's blood coming out of your woman-hood?" I asked her. She laughed slightly.

"Both. Well, I don't feel a lot of pain- wait, do I need to feel pain?!" She asked, getting worried.

"I don't know," I said honesty. Her eyes widened. "but your mom used to have really bad stomach aches whenever she had these 'periods'." I raised to fingers in the sky and quoted periods.

"I usually helped her by giving her tea or whatever. And she would always be moody, so I don't blame you if you suddenly become a total witch."

She chuckled and looked at her stomach. "I don't feel pain or grumpy."

"Good." I handed her the pads. "Now, go to the bathroom, get a new pair of underwear and do this thing around your underwear... or something like that." I told her. "And when you come back there will be Netflix on for you and a lot of food." I said smiling.

She returned the smile. "Is that what you used to do when mom had these things?"

I nodded and grinned at the memory. "She loved me for doing these kind of things."

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