"She hates me, doesn't she?"

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(Third person's POV)

"Have you talked to her?" He asked his best friend, Nate.

"Yeah, she's really fucked up this time." Nathan sighed sadly. He felt pity for Sam, he was head over heels with this girl and everyone saw it. Except for herself.

"She hates me, doesn't she?"

Honestly, he didn't want to know the answer. If she did, his world would crush into a million pieces.

A life without his girlfriend was like breathing without air. She had him wrapped around her finger real good.

By the way Nate was doubting he could tell what his answer was, "Just man up and go after her, bro..." As you can tell, Nate wasn't so good with relationship advice.

Sam groaned and clenched his fists. "The chick came at me, man. I didn't see her at all." He told him one more time

But this time he was telling the truth, but she was done. She was so fed up with him and his fuck boy behaviour, she couldn't handle it anymore. "I can stalk Y/N for you, if you want." Nate suggested.

"Nah man, I gotta fix my own shit." He said while burying his face in his hands.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?"

"Man, she's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I need to know if I can fix it myself, bro. If I can, God please just save her for me... And if I can't, she deserves someone better than me."

"But you hate to see her with someone other than you."

"I would kill if I saw her with someone other than me."


Two years later and he still didn't get his girlfriend back.

Two years later and he's still desperate for her to reach out for him.

Two years later and they're still stuck.


When Y/N and her new 'boyfriend' Reece were going to the club in LA, they never meant to see him.

'It wasn't supposed to be like this,' both Y/N and Sam thought. But they never told each other their thoughts.

'It was supposed to be you and me,' they thought.

Sam called, and texted, and hell, even stalked. But she refused to talk to him.

She cut off all relations to Sam Wilkinson. No more talking to his friends, no more stalking his social media, no more Sam Wilkinson.

He wanted to be with her. He wanted nothing more than to be with the only girl he ever wanted in life.

But she thought different.

She decided it was good to move on and became Friends with Benefits with Reece. They consider themselves 'a couple' now, even though they both don't have any 'love' feelings.

When they were going out at night, the first thing she saw was him.

Her first thoughts were, 'The boy who broke her heart. The boy who said they'd always stay together. The fucking cheater.'

His first thoughts were, 'She looks better than ever. She's still my baby, but I let her go. I didn't fight for her. Who is that douche?'

When he saw them slowly walking closer to him, he decided to be blunt. He grabbed her arm, dragging her to the bathroom where they could talk.

At first she wanted to scream, kick and what not. When she found out it was Sam.

She did.

"Y/N, please!" He begged for her to stop. "Baby, please!"

"Don't fucking call me baby!" She yelled.

There was so much anger. So much disappointment. So fucking much sadness.

After a shit load of struggling, Sam managed to calm her down. "Why are you doing this?" She quietly asked him. "I am perfectly fine without you." She lied.

All she wanted was to be with him. But she couldn't forgive him, "I'm not." He said.

"It's been two years, forget it."

"You think it's that easy?" He raised his voice, "You think 'forgetting' was so easy? These two years have been a complete fucking hell."

"You seem to be doing fine." She calmly replied.

Sam clenched his jaw, "You blocked me on everything. You stopped talking to my friends. Fuck, you even moved!"

She nodded, "I looked everywhere for you! I tried to look you up in any kind of way, but I- I... gave up." He said while lowering his voice again.

"I didn't fight for you when I told you I would. I should've loved you way more." Being the stubborn girl she was, she pretended his words didn't mean anything to her.

From the inside, there were things happening she couldn't even explain, "I never slept with her." He carefully said while coming even more careful towards her.

"She was drunk and had mistaken me for someone else. She apologized the day after, but it was too late." Y/N got phone calls from the girl, but she didn't want to know it.

And now, she wished she did.

"I have always loved you, y/n." She bit her lip from crying, "I couldn't sleep until I knew where you were. But I never heard anything from you. I just gave up, and I can't fucking believe I did that."

Sam walked towards her and softly grabbed her hand, "Please, can we-"

"Y/N?" Reece said. "You suddenly took off!" He said while walking towards her and pulling her towards him.

"I guess we can't." Sam softly murmured.

"Who's this?" Reece asked, still acting like they were a couple.

"Sam Wilkinson." She said. Her voice was weak and soft.

"Oh," his voice dropped, knowing and recognizing the name. "I'll just go..." He didn't know what to say since she told him everything. "Asshole." He murmured while walking away.

"New boyfriend?" Y/N shook her head. "You- You haven't moved on?"

Again, she shook her head. She couldn't properly talk, she didn't even know what was going on. "Y/N-" she interrupted him by throwing her arms around his neck, embracing his body.

He placed his hands around her waist and buried his face into her neck, not wanting to ever let go of her again. "I love you." He murmured.

She wasn't ready to say it back, but he knew she loved him back.

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