How To Love P. I

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I walked in Math a little too late since every single seat in the classroom was already taken.

That is what happens when you chat a little too long with friends who you don't have any classes with.

"Miss Y/L/N, hurry and pick a seat." What seat, I thought by myself.

I sighed and looked around the classroom, examining for an empty spot.

And there was. Right next to Sam Wilkinson.

'Bad boy of the school?' you think. Well, no. Sam is a nice guy. Didn't really bother with too many people, but I did hear that he has a bad reputation when it comes to girls.

I mean, I totally get what they see in him. The dimples, cute hair, the oh so flawless face...

He is that kind of guy.

I walked over to him and he removed his backpack from the empty chair next to him so I could sit. "Hi." I gently smiled.

We didn't talk too often, but when we did, it was either about some kind of project or complaints about how tired we were.

"Hey." He returned the friendly smile and sunk a little in his seat to make himself more comfortable.

Meanwhile, I was struggling with my bag, trying to find my Math books.

Don't tell me I forgot them...

You forgot them, Y/N.

I sighed while placing my bag back on the ground. "You mad?" The boy next to me awkwardly asked, making sure I wasn't going to snap.

"No, no... It's just that I forgot my books in my locker." I chuckled. He 'oh'-ed and nodded.

"Want to share my book?" He carefully asked after a while.

I hesitated for a while, not wanting to bother him. But it was either sharing a book or running down the endless stairs again. So I just said, "Uh, sure."

He placed the book in the middle of our tables and smiled at me.

Since Math was such a pain in the ass and I should actually pay attention, it were a quiet ten 'till twenty minutes.

Until he told us to make our homework, so 'we wouldn't have to do it at home'. As every teacher says.

I grabbed my phone and put my earphones in while listening to Purpose.

The entire time I was listening, I felt a pair of eyes on me. But I wasn't sure, so I didn't turn around to face Sam.

Do you ever have the feeling someone's staring at you but you think you're going paranoia? Yeah, that's me right now.

But after a couple of minutes I felt him tap my shoulder. "Yeah?" I asked while pulling one earphone out.

"Uh, could you help me with this? I don't really get it." That makes two of us, boy. But since I tried to be nice, I kind of helped him.

"Sure," I said as I tried to turn the page to the actual right page. Sam did the same gesture and our hands quickly touched. It was so short. But it felt insanely good.

What the fuck am I saying.

"Sorry." He quickly apologized before clearing his throat. I nodded and tried to look for the question we both didn't understand.

After explaining it (and slightly convincing myself that it was right) I put my earphone back in and started listening again.

But not a song later he tapped on my shoulder again. "Sup?" He noticed I put my earphone out of my ear and quickly shrugged the question of.

"Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry I didn't know you were listening to music. Damn, dude. I'm so sorry." He rushingly apologized like three times in one sentence!

Sure, it was annoying when people did that, but frankly I wasn't annoyed with him doing it.

It was kinda cute.

"It's okay! It's fine, Sam!" I said just as fast as he said it. I grinned a little, finding this incredibly adorable.

After a couple of more attemps on the homework, we eventually decided to help each other. To be quite honest here, I enjoyed it.

He was a nice company and it was funny to see two dumb asses like us try to do Maths.

"We finished it!" I gasped as I wrote down the last answer. "It's probably all wrong but it's okay!" I raised my hand for a high five and he laughed as our hands touched each other for a high five.

"We'd make a great team." He grinned.

"I know." I winked.

I saw him getting a little flushed and I smiled in myself. "How come we aren't friends yet?" I laughed.

He shrugged, suddenly changing his mood from playful to serious. I furrowed my brows little since he suddenly turned his back to me and started talking to the people behind him.

Bipolar much?

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