I'm Back Baby

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"Hey, Maloley."

"Y/-" (a/n: Nate wanted to say her full name, but quickly stopped himself, knowing Sam would get curious.) Hey!" He softly said. I smiled at myself, knowing that Sam would be there somewhere. "I'll be right back." He told the others. Well, I thought it were the others.

"Hey, Y/N. How are you?" Nate asked me.

"I'm good. How's the tour life?" I asked with a kind voice.

Nate and I had been planning to surprise Sam, since he was my boyfriend and I hadn't seen him in months because of the long term tour.

I was proud at both of the boys, but I missed Sam too much. So Nate and I decided to surprise him. "It's good. Listen, your pussy boy has been too pussy lately." I chuckled. "We need to get this shit together soon."

"Alright, so I checked for flight times for tomorrow, and," I looked at the piece of paper with the dates and times of flights to Chicago.

"there's a plane going tomorrow at one in the afternoon, so the flight takes like six hours. So I'll be there at like... eight? With the checking in and shit." I rambled on and on about my idea. He agreed with me and I bought tickets for Chicago to be re-united with my baby.


I stood backstage at Sammy's and Skate's show, preparing to surprise my boy.

Sam stood with his back towards me, and I faced Nate. He smirked at me.

The next song started playing and they happily danced around for a while. Until the music became softer.

Sammy looked more confused than ever and gestured to Nate that his earphone was being weird. Nate shrugged and continued rapping.

Fuck it.

Before I knew it I slowly walked towards the boys, trying to avoid Sam. The fans started screaming and Sam looked everywhere around him. Nate stopped him and made him look at him.

As I approached him I jumped on his back like a six year-old. Sam gladly caught me.

He didn't even know it was me?

I heard him curse a little but as he looked up, our eyes met and we smiled at each other. His eyes widened and gasped. "Holy shit!" He yelled.

I jumped off his back and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I'm back, baby."

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