Double Dates

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"Be nice." Sammy told me before we got in the restaurant.

We got onto a double date with Jack G and Madison. It felt weird, but Sam wanted this so I guess it would be fine.

I had in all honesty no idea what to think of tonight. I had also no idea how this evening would go. Either Madison would be a total bitch, or really nice.

Guess we'll find out in two secs.

"Hi! Y/N! Sam!" I heard a high-pitched voice say. I smiled and lightly hugged Madison since she randomly hugged me.

"Hi." I smiled at her and Jack.

"Let's sit." Sam said.

We walked over to our table and we ordered our food.

Madison and I got to know each other really well. And we talked a lot, like a lot.


The night went really well. Madison and I got along really well and we laughed a lot, shared silly stories about the boys and stuff. She was so kind and different than my expectations. I had such a feeling she would be a new friend.

Through the night, we kept on talking. Sometimes we would have a small conversation with our boyfriends, but then we got back to each other.

We exchanged numbers and headed home again. "So you and Madison?" Sam said wiggling his brows.

I started laughing. "You're saying it like I have a crush on her."

He smirked and focused on the road.


It had been two weeks later since the first double date. And we went on a couple of other double dates. Then Madison and I started hanging out ourselves a lot. We used to have sleep-overs or something, or just go for lunch.

I loved spending time with her.

This night we were hanging out at Sammy's house. Mads and I were once again talking and stuff until the boys coughed. "What?" We both asked them.

"You guys seem to like each other more than you like your boyfriends." Sam said. Gilinsky agreed and we laughed.

"Jealous?" I smirked as I threw an arm around Madison.

"It would be really hot actually." We all raised our brows at Sam's stupid comment. I shook my head and chuckled at him.

"Got a problem with us being good friends?" Madison said.

"No, not at all actually. We were afraid you wouldn't like each other." Gilinsky said.

"Thought wrong." Mads and I said at the same time.

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