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"Lia and I are home. We also did groceries :)" I texted Y/N.

Yeah we had a kid together. And she was 3 years old. At first it was hard, but we both got used to it and we're killer parents now.

I opened the door to our apartment and I tried to find my keys. I had Amelia (aka Lia) in my right arm and the groceries in my left. I put down the bags and tried to reach for my keys.

Before I knew it Lia slipped out of my arm.

I softly cursed in myself while picking up crying Lia. "Shh, it's okay, baby." I assured while trying to calm her down.

Shit. I just fucking dropped my baby.

How did I freaking drop her? What the hell? She slipped out of my arm because I was reaching for my keys and suddenly Lia started moving wildly and I accidentally dropped her.

Y/N is going to kill me, for real. "Lia, baby." I softly mumbled while still reaching for the keys.

I finally got them and threw everything inside. The fuck am I suppose to do now? I dropped my kid. She's crying. What does she want?

Do I need to go to hospital? Or just stay here and take care of here... Fuck.

Damn it. Y/N isn't here. I have a crying baby. What if something's wrong with her now?

You know what, I'm just gonna call mom.

"Hey, mom." I said as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Sammy! What's wrong? I'm pretty busy." She said while struggling to do something.

"Good, good... But I have a problem here. I dropped Lia by accident. What the hell do I need to do?" I quickly said.

"You what?"


"I know what you said! How could you do that, Sam?"

"I don't know. But I do know that I don't need a yelling mom right now. Please just help me." I tried to say calmly.

"Uh, where's she now?"

"On the couch." I said as she started crying even harder.

"Okay, okay. Uh, I need to go like right now. But just give her something that makes her stop crying and then just calm her down." She quickly said. "Sam, I really need to go. Be careful next time."

"Thanks mom."

"Anytime, love." And with that she hung up.

Okay, okay. Give her something to make her stop crying.

I looked in the pantry and looked for gummy bears. Y/N is going to kick my ass. "Lia!" I happily said.

She started crying even harder. "Look what daddy has!" I showed her the candy and she stopped crying. "Do you want this?"

She quickly nodded and reached for the candy.

I gave her one and she ate it. "Thank you, daddy." She softly murmured.

I wiped her tears away and put her on my lap. "It's okay, princess. Don't tell mommy." I put a finger on my mouth, gesturing to keep it a secret. "Are you hurt?" I asked while kissing her cheek.

"A little." She answered. Lia was slowly but surely working on her talking.

"Do you want to play?" I asked softly. She nodded again and reached for another gummy bear. "Hey, hey. Last one, okay?" She, again, nodded and reached for the bag.

I tilted her up and put her on the ground. She walked over to the play kitchen and started laughing as she threw the fake-food at me. "Are you gonna cook for daddy?"

"Yes!" She grabbed a plate and threw the food on there. "Here." She said as she handed the plate.

"Hmm, this looks yummy!" I said while 'eating' the food.

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