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"Hey babe." Sam said as he stood on my porch.

I smiled at my boyfriend and he walked into my house. He suddenly showed up late night, it was something he used to do often. "Hey, how was your day?" He sat down on my couch and I sat next to him.

I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead. "Good, hung out with the boys a little. What about you?"

"Work." I sighed. Even though it was summer, I did have to continue working sadly.

"Thank God I don't have to do that regular shit." I cocked my brow at his cockiness. "Sorry." He said as he noticed my glare.

I nodded and sighed. "Tired."

"Let's go to sleep in a few."

"You staying over?" He nodded. "Okay good." He bit his lip and I smiled at him. "So, what did you guys do?"

"Chilling around in LA a bit. With those bad ass hover boards."

I laughed at the ridiculous name. It was this kind of Segway thing without a stick or something like that.

It literally looked lke the future. Sam also owned one... I think. "Anyways, Carter had one and he almost crashed it." He laughed, there was nothing funny after he mentioned Carter Reynolds.



Carter and I go way back. Not that I ever had a thing with him. Ew. But our families used to know each other and he was a dick all the freaking time.

We were in high school and all he used to do was torture me or whatever.

At first I thought it was just playing around, but it turned out bullying. I've never hated someone that much in my entire life. "You know what." I responded.

Sam sighed and I rolled my eyes. "Babe, I don't mean to be rude or something, but it's in the past."

"You did sound rude." I commented. I tried to laugh it off in my mind, but I couldn't.

I told Sam I didn't like that he was 'influenced' by Carter, especially after seeing the shit he did with Maggie.

Carter and I were never cool with each other, and I was not planning to. He was a sexist, racist and what fucking not.

Judgemental, I know. But if you've known him for years, it's not even called judging anymore; it was the truth. "Listen, I'm sorry for saying this but could you give the guy some slack?"

I widened my eyes at him. He did not just... "Are you for real?"

Sam sighed again and I was not done with this conversation. "Y/N, I love you but Carter is my friend. I'm not going to turn my back to him just because you told me to. I've known him for so fucking long; he could use some friends right now..."

"That dickhead doesn't fucking deserve friends!" Harsh, Y/N. He bullied my for fucking years, that douche–"

"You're talking about my friend here, Y/N." Sam's tone was a lot lower now and I could tell I reached his temper. "I've known Carter for fucking years, I don't know about you but he's cool to me.

What happened, happened in fucking high school! People change, you know?"

"You have no idea what the fuck he did ; Carter has embarrased me in front of the entire school multiple times. He made my friends turn their backs to me,

spreaded shit through the school that wasn't even true. All of that made my high school career a bigger hell than it already was.

I got called a 'slut', 'whore' and what not, all because of Carter fucking Reynolds. You want to know the worst part? I didn't hurt a fly to make him hate me like that.

Out of sudden he started spreading shit about me. I thought we were cool, you know? But somehow, he just found it funny to make life a hell for me. I've been through the worst kind of shit and he caused it every time again." I ranted.

Damn, that was a mouthful.

My breaht was unsteady and I felt a very clear headache rising. "I never said that you couldn't hang out with him, for your information. I told you that I didn't want anything to do with him whenever you see that dude."

"I-I'm so, so sorry." He softly said. His eyes softened and he pulled me in for a hug.

For some kind of reason a couple of tears spilled. This entire fight made me think back about high school.

Carter made all of it a hell and the fact that he might also just spread lies about me to my boyfriend, kinda terrified me. "Don't believe anything he said, please." I quietly murmured in his chest.

"I won't, babe. I'm sorry..." I could hear the sencerity in his voice.

"Sorry for being such a bitch about this." I said. I did mean it, my boyfriend couldn't even hang out with his friend without me being annoyed with it.

"No, no. It's okay, I understand... I won't say a word about him anymore. I just didn't think Carter and you were so dramatic back then." I chuckled and he rubbed my back. "I thought like, he would steal your lunch or someting like that." I laughed and shook my head.

"He also did that, but it was nothing compared to everything." I sadly smiled. I slowly pulled back and looked him in the eyes. "Thanks, for being so supportive."

He kissed my forehead and gave me a warm-hearted smile. "I love you." He said.

The weird feeling in my stomach was back. "I love you too."

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