Give Me A Chance

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"C'mon man." I heard Sam whine as I entered the living room. I stopped myself from walking in and waited around the corner.

"The fuck don't you understand about no?" I heard Nate groan.

"Dude! She's eighteen, not thirteen." Uh, what.

Yeah, I was Nate's little sister. And yes, maybe Sam and I have been flirting with each other.

I mean, if you see that handsome face of his like literally everyday, you don't know what to do anymore. "So? She still stays my fucking sister."

"Nate man, we've been friends for years now."

"That's why I say no!" Nate said while raising his voice. "You're a fuck boy, man. You're a good friend, really. But when it comes to women, you're shit." Sam chuckled at him.

"You think I would fuck her and then throw her away like that?" That question was a little nerve-wrecking.

I liked Sam. I really did. But I never thought we would be a thing, since Sam and I literally tease each other every five seconds.

And I also never thought he liked me. "Who knows." That was Nate's 'I know you will, but I'll just keep it to myself' tone of talking.

I heard a humourless laugh. "Listen man, I get why you won't let me date her. But that is fucking ridiculous. Y/N is different, sounds fucking crazy, but I'm telling you the truth.

She's not someone I see as a toy, man. I really do care about your sister." I smiled at myself. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever told me.

"Dude, I really appreciate that but-"

"Nate, you've been my best friend for years now. I trust you with every fucking thing. Can you please just trust me with your sister. It's all I'm asking you." Sam practically begged my brother.

Nate was very... protective when it came to boys. A little too overprotective. I hated it, but it was also really kind of him.

The other room was silent for a while, I could tell Nate was really thinking about it. And that was something that happened rarely. "You really like my sister, bro?"

"I've never been this whipped, dude." Sam chuckled.

"You sure?"

"Hundred percent. Just give me a chance, you can rip my balls off if I hurt her." I bit my lip to prevent from making noise.

"What do you think, Y/N?" Nate yelled. "Since you've been listening the entire time."

I slowly showed my face. "Hi?" They both chuckled and shook their heads.

"What do you think, lil sis?" Nate asked me, his eyes filled with curiosity.

"Well, since from what he just said, I would definitely give him a chance." I smiled at Sam.

Nate sighed once again. "Fine. Go ahead, be love birds." Sam walked over to me and kissed my quickly. "But not in front of me, thanks." He said, scoffing at us.

"Thanks, bro. I owe you." Sam said as he threw an arm around me.

"Nah, we're cool if I can rip your balls off as soon as you hurt my sister."

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