Touring // j.g by sammygilinsky
Touring // j.gby sammygilinsky
'@katiewess ; @jackgilinsky they ship us;)' '@jackgilinsky ; @katiewess who wouldn't?'
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Gangsta; an  Omaha Squad sex slave story by honey_mari
Gangsta; an Omaha Squad sex ~Mari <3~
Why Don't You Check His Phone Cause My Sexts Are Too Hot To Be Erased
  • samwilke
  • romance
  • natemaloley
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OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0 by Haide_cookie_
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0by Haidee
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0, this will be the continuation of the OGOC and Freshlee imagines from my account. • • You don't really have to read the first book. But it...
  • derekluh
  • johnswift
  • freshlee
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Omaha Imagines // •Da Squad• by LexiGilinskyWilk
Omaha Imagines // •Da Squad•by Lex
Just a Omaha Boys imagine book. • Sammy Wilkinson • Jack Gilinsky • Nate Maloley • Jack Johnson • Kenny Holland (maybe) Will include: - Sex - Self harm - Drugs ...
  • gilinsky
  • jack
  • skate
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The neighbor; J. G by Omahaagodss
The neighbor; J. Gby Omahaagodss
In which a girl falls in love with her neighbor, filled with plot twists and a mystery.
  • fanfiction
  • mystery
  • vine
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Baby Daddy E.D (UNDER MAJOR EDITING!) by Love5sos123xx
Baby Daddy E.D (UNDER MAJOR Halayna
After, a drunken one night stand a girl name Celina life will dramatically change and will bad boy Ethan Dolan help? Under major editing. Made this book when really you...
  • graysondolan
  • omahasquad
  • ethandolan
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 OGOC & Freshlee imagines  by Haide_cookie_
OGOC & Freshlee imagines by Haidee
OGOC Freshlee imagines
  • omahasquad
  • freshlee
  • dillonrupp
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T H E  M A I D<> J G by jahsworld
T H E M A I D<> J Gby ya girl my
she was a young girl all on her own, scrapping up all the money she could to make it day by day that was until she answered a request on a flyer. she thought her life...
  • omahasquad
  • omahaboys
  • ogoc
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connected ✦ j.e.j by poeticjacks
connected ✦ j.e.jby 𝑙𝑢𝑎.
where a follow through mistake in a social media connects the destiny of two people. © poeticjacks → started in january, 2019. → #3 jackj - 01/16/2019.
  • oldmagcon
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Instagram. Skate Maloley  by Jade_august
Instagram. Skate Maloley by BabyAJ
@SkateMaloley started following you @DerekLuh started following you @JackJohnson started following you @JackGilinsky started following you @SammyWilk started following...
  • luh
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Jack and Jack Imagines by ChloeCreates
Jack and Jack Imaginesby Chloe
Imagines for people who want to imagine themselves in a relationship with Jack Johnson or Jack Gilinsky.
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Groupchat {~Omaha Boys,Freshlee etc..~} by Chrissy_xoxo_1017
Groupchat {~Omaha Boys,Freshlee -mamí ♡
"Nate Maloley added you to the group at 12:00am"
  • derekluh
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  • fanfiction
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The nerd | JG & ME by raniasbooks
The nerd | JG & MEby 🦋
From the school's Nerd to the hottest girl ever? In which he happens to be the reason of her latest happiness and she happens to be the reason of his latest pain. Who'...
  • nashgrier
  • shawnmendes
  • camerondallas
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derek luh | social media by californiaval
derek luh | social mediaby Val 💛
Jack Gilinsky's sister Lana comes back to LA to visit her brother. What will happen if one of his friends falls in love with her?
  • instagram
  • derekluh
  • freshlee
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Depressed//S.W. by Vineislife05
Depressed// Vineislife05
"Please let me help you. You'll get through this, I promise. Your depressed, don't shut me out. Just let me help you. Please..." "I don't wanna be here a...
  • jackgilinsky
  • matthewespinosa
  • wilkinson
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Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferences by funnibunny
Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferencesby Vanessa♡
  • natemaloley
  • jackjohnson
  • sammywilkinson
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Jack Gilinsky Imagines by BOSSGIRL3000
Jack Gilinsky Imaginesby 🥀BossGirl🥀
Jack Gilinsky Imagine. I hope You like it. This is my first one so please don't rost me too bad. Imagines for all of your feels. I'm always open for suggestions and req...
  • jg
  • love
  • completed
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Sammy Wilk by OGOCOMA
Sammy Wilkby OGOCOMA
DISCLAIMER: Some of these imagines are hella cringy or the grammar just sucks ass, please don't mind. Most of them are old. There are more imagines on my Tumblr > oma...
  • omahasquad
  • sammywilk
  • samwilkinson
Omaha Boys Imagines by beliebers_06
Omaha Boys Imaginesby Clare
this is an Omaha Boys book of imagines and preferences for you and your thoughts. It has cute,funny, serious, dirty, daddy kinks, and many more imagines and preferences.
  • calibraska
  • jackandjack
  • gilinsky
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Nia Maloley;Instagram. H.G by C-champagnegxrl
Nia Maloley;Instagram. H.Gby ʙᴏʟᴜᴅᴀ
"Porque fuiste mi cielo en éste infierno, y un ángel entre mis demonios"
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