Chapter thirty- L'oreal: Because Judar's Worth It

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Chapter thirty- L'oreal: Because Judar's Worth It

"Jesus, Judar! What the hell happened to you?!" Hakuryuu's calm exterior crumbled as he opened his front door to see a bloodied Judar and Berserker standing before him.

Judar smiled and waved, "Hey."

Hakuryuu shook his head. Did Judar really think walking around covered in blood in broad daylight was a good idea? "Get in here before someone sees you. You're lucky Hakuei's at work." He led the pair though his and Hakuei's house. "Try not to bleed on the carpet, please."

"Will do." Judar nodded, following the black haired teen to his kitchen. Jekyll remained silent, still fighting with Hyde internally. Judar sat up on Hakuryuu's wooden kitchen table and pulled his blood-covered hoodie off, tossing it aside.

"Dude, seriously?" Hakuryuu caught the garment and placed it beside Judar on the table. The long haired mage shrugged simply. "Care to explain how this happened?"

"Gyokuen's a tad angry about what Sinbad did to the maze. I'm apparently a good punching bag."

"And what about you, Jekyll? You're awfully quiet." Hakuryuu looked to the servant as he began cleaning Judar's wounds with a first aid kit he'd grabbed.

Jekyll continued to remain silent, seemingly lost in thought. Judar answered instead, "He's...having a hard time. I guess that potion you two made has some pretty bad aftereffects."

"What's wrong with him?"

"He keeps losing control and switching between himself and Hyde," Judar winced as Hakuryuu pressed on his wounds. "Hey, why don't you just heal me?"

"You'd still be covered in blood. Might as well clean you up." Hakuryuu answered. "Do you have any idea on how to stop his transformations?"

"I still don't think this is necessary..." Judar muttered, then added more clearly, "And no, I haven't. Where's Lancer, by the way?"

"Getting some information." Hakuryuu placed the alcohol and blood covered towel aside and placed a hand on Judar's chest, healing his wounds. It took a few seconds longer than normal, Hakuryuu not realizing his legs were covered in cuts as well. Once he finished, he removed his hand and said, "You know, Judar, I'm not going to clean you up down there as well. I'm sure you can handle it yourself."

"Can I shower, then?" Judar asked, standing up from the table. "And borrow some clothes?"

"Sure, you know your way around already." Hakuryuu nodded, cleaning up the first aid kit and bloodied towel. He grabbed Judar's sweater, "Can I just throw this away?"

Judar pouted for a moment, then frowned, "Fine..."

"It's ruined, Judar. It still has blood on it from your fight with Alibaba too!"

"I said fine..." Judar looked down at his hair, which was out of it's normal braid, " poor hair is ruined!" He tried to run his hands through it, only to have his fingers get caught every few centimeters. The caused him to sulk even more.

Hakuryuu sighed and shook his head, "Just go shower, princess. I'll watch Berserker as well."


"Ahh~ I'm so clean~!" Judar sang and sighed in relief, walking down the stairs of Hakuryuu's house with a towel wrapped around his head.

"I see you didn't drown- good job, Judar." Hakuryuu greeted as the mage entered the livingroom. The blue eyed teen raised and eyebrow as Judar plopped down on the couch beside him, "How'd you fit all of your hair in one towel?"

Judar raised his hands and wiggled his fingers, "Magic~~" He smirked, then looked around the room. He noticed Jekyll sleeping on the smaller couch across the room, "What happened with him?"

"He fell asleep. He seems to be stable now though, which is good." Hakuryuu followed the other's gaze. "Lancer should be back soon as well."

"Right. What was he getting info on anyway?" Judar began drying his hair with the towel, although it was too wet to do much.

"The church, specifically Sinbad and the Overseer, Ja'far." Hakuryuu answered.

"Uh...Archer and Assassin's masters, right?"

"You should know, you've fought with Assassin a number of times now, haven't you?"

"Ugh, yeah." Judar stood and shook his head, hair flying everywhere. "Do you have any scrunchies by chance?"

"No, I don't have as much hair as you, Rapunzel." Hakuryuu answered.

"What 'bout Hakuei?"

"Not that I know of. You'll just have to wait."

"Until when?!" Judar asked, distressed.

"...Until you go to your apartment?"

"Well, I'm probably not going back there! It's attached to the maze and Al-Thamen's base, like hell I'm going back there!"

"I'm sure she won't appreciate that."

"That's why need to take care of her already." Judar grumbled and tried to figure out a way to tie his hair up without elastics.

"First we're taking care of Sinbad and Ja'far. They're more of a threat, surprisingly." Hakuryuu decided, slightly amused watching the other mage struggle.

Judar sighed dramatically and fell back into the couch, "Whatever..."


That evening, after Lancer returned with zero information regarding the Church -having been attacked by Archer-, Judar took the now-somewhat-stable Berserker with him to buy elastics for his untameable locks of hair. "Finally! Who doesn't keep elastics in their house?" The red eyed mage complained as they left the convenience store, ripping open the package of elastics immediately.

The streetlights overhead were just beginning to turn on, the area outside of their glow growing darker by the minute. Snow covered unplowed areas heavily, towering a few feet tall. "Snow like this is abnormal in Japan, isn't it?" Jekyll asked.

"Yep, it is. Who knows what brought it on." Judar answered, tying his hair up in it's normal segments. Once he finished he looked around, narrowing his eyes. The sun was completely set now, several street lights flickering as if they were short-circuiting. "Hey, 'sup with the lighting?"

The pair stopped walking, a sort of black smoke materializing several yards in front of them. It was wispy and dark, yet somewhat translucent. From the smoke came a certain ashy-purple skinned servant, tossing her red ponytail over her shoulder and smirking at the pair before her. "How's it going, Berserker?"


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