Chapter seventeen- Taking Action

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Chapter seventeen- Taking Action

"Alibaba, are you ready to go?"

"Cassim... I'm not sure this is a good idea. Sneaking into the Holy Church? We could get in serious trouble!" Alibaba spoke, his expression worried.

"Isn't this the best way to get information on the other masters? You said yourself that the Church knows everything about the other servants and masters," Cassim responded. He was ready to leave his apartment, hand on the doorknob, but had paused to turn to his friend.

"Yeah, but the priest there could be a master himself! We still don't know who Assassin and Archer's masters are..."

"Didn't you meet them at that party?" Cassim questioned.

"No... there were way too many people to be able to tell who was a master and who wasn't."

"That was the whole point," Saber spoke, materializing beside his master. "And with the scene Berserker made, everyone scattered before we could learn anything."

"Isn't that even more reason to check the Church's records?" Cassim urged. "Come on, Alibaba. Even if there are masters there, with your magic and Saber's power, you can take them out easily."

Alibaba frowned nervously, and looked to Saber, "What do you think, Saber?"

"It's risky. There's a huge chance one of the priests at the church is a master. If so, they will be incredibly strong- having possibly learnt magic from the Overseer," Saber said. "You'll have to be very careful if you don't want to be caught. I can help with the magic barriers some, but I'm not nearly as stealthy as the Assassin class."

"Then it's settled. We'll send Saber in first to deactivate the barriers, then you and I will go in through the back and grab as much information as we can," Cassim decided, turning back to the door.

"But, Cassim,-" Alibaba tried, but the tan skinned male continued to leave the apartment. "Wait! The Church grounds are supposed to be neutral territory, we can't just barge in there!"

"We're not barging in there, we're sneaking. Who cares, anyway? This is a war!" Cassim shrugged. "Are you coming or not?"

Alibaba sighed, "Yeah...I'm coming."


Assassin stealthily jumped from tree to tree, her movements eerily silent. On the forest floor a black haired teen walked with his servant, Berserker. Neither knew of Assassin's presence.

The red haired servant was rather amazed at Berserker. It was nearly impossible for her to feel his presence. It was as if he were a normal human- not even a mage. But she knew better than that.

She thought back to the party, still confused as to what happened when she and Rider had angered the servant. He hadn't changed much physically, but his personality was drastically different. He was violent and twisted, and Assassin had no idea why.

That's why Ja'far had assigned her to learn Berserker's real name, as well as learn more about Al-Thamen. The two were connected, making both even more concerning. Had Al-Thamen created their own servant then forced it upon a mage? Or had they created their own mage and forced a servant upon them? The former seemed more likely. Assassin couldn't figure out anything strange about Judar, besides the fact that he was foolish enough to use two Command Seals at once.

"Judar, aren't you worried that someone will figure out where you keep sneaking off to so often?" Berserker asked his master, walking just a pace behind him.

Judar shrugged, "I don't care." He stopped walking and frowned deeply, "Incoming."

Berserker sighed and prepared himself, "Another test?"

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