Chapter twenty six- Lover's Quarrel...Plus One

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Chapter twenty six- Lover's Quarrel...Plus One

Kouen Ren sat hunched over his work again, despite the fact that it was well past midnight and he hadn't eaten in several hours. His younger sibling was just the same, buried in his own mountain of paperwork down the hall. Hakuei had gone home at her usual time, and Caster was at Kouen's mansion watching over Kouha and -more importantly- Kogyoku.

Caster still hadn't lifted the spell on the teen, and Kouen was beginning to question the servant's loyalties. Having her away for most of the day meant Kouen couldn't tell where she was, although he was sure she wasn't at the mansion like she was supposed to be.

Luckily, no bodies had been broadcast on the news, meaning she wasn't recklessly killing outsiders. But that didn't necessarily mean she wasn't getting herself into trouble.

Kouen sighed and pushed his paperwork aside. He stood and left the room, walking down the hall to knock on Koumei's office door. The redhead poked his head in, "Hey, Koumei, take a break for now. Let's go home for the day."

"One more paper..." Koumei muttered. His hair was a mess -as usual- as well as his suit, which was partially unbuttoned, his tie loose.

"Koumei, now," Kouen's tone hardened. Koumei would stay in the office all night if he could, in fact, he had several times before. If Kouen wasn't there he'd probably end up working himself to death.

The younger redhead sighed, "Alright...I'm coming..." He neatly stacked his finished and unfinished paperwork before following Kouen out of the room. "Hakuei already left, right?"

"Yes, a few hours ago. She stopped to say goodbye, didn't she?" Kouen glanced over at the other as they walked.

Koumei thought back, "Hmm...I can't remember. She might have."

Kouen rolled his eyes, "You need to stop working so much. Take tomorrow off."

"What?! No, I couldn't." Koumei shook his head. "You're the one who should be taking time off. You need to win the Holy Grail War after all."

"Speaking of which," Kouen changed the subject, "come up with any strategies yet?"

"I have, actually." Koumei nodded. "I'll tell you once we get home, where it's less open."


The Archer-class servant stood atop the Kou Trading Industries building, watching as the company's technical head left, followed by his younger sibling. Archer could see them clearly, although at that height any human would only be able to see small specks. He watched them until their car pulled out of the large parking lot and disappeared around a corner, then turned to leave himself.

"Going somewhere, Gilgamesh?" A familiar female voice asked from behind the servant.

Gilgamesh paused, smirked, then turned around with his hands in his jean pockets, "So you decided to show up, Semiramis? I was just about to give up on you."

"Of course I showed up," Semiramis gave a sly smile.

"Did you finish your homework?"

"I did."

"Care to share that information?"

"My foolish master wants world peace." Semiramis began her report. "Hakuryuu Ren wants to kill his mother and destroy her secret organization. From what I've gathered, Berserker's master wants the same, although he's the organization's pawn. Muu Alexius desires immortality for his dying mother, and Alibaba Saluja wants to save his hometown from poverty. I'm unsure what Ja'far and Sinbad want, but I'm sure you already know that."

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