Chapter thirteen- First Love

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Chapter thirteen- First Love

Kougyoku's cheeks flushed pink as she brushed her long pink hair. She couldn't stop thinking about the purple haired man she'd met at her older brother's party days before. Sinbad occupied her thoughts day and night, and although she knew liking him or even talking to him again would be a bad idea, she agreed to meet with him that day for lunch.

She pulled her hair into a ponytail with two small loops of hair sticking out on her head, held in place by her favorite golden hairpin. She stood and looked herself over in a full body mirror beside her vanity, flatting out any wrinkles in her light pink sundress. Although it was Autumn, and Winter was just around the corner, that particular day was rather warm- as if Summer had returned to make sure her date was sunny and perfect.

"Alright!" She smiled to herself and grabbed a small purse that matched her dress before leaving her room to meet with her love.

"So you came," Sinbad smiled and met the younger female halfway as she waded through the busy sidewalk outside of a small cafe.

"Of course I did," Kougyoku returned the expression, her cheeks already gaining their light pink again.

"Shall we go inside then? It's a bit busy out here," Sinbad offered her a hand, which she graciously accepted, and led them into the cafe. They took a seat at a table away from everyone else, and they both ordered coffee to start. After a few moments of silence and Kougyoku nervously playing with her coffee cup, Sinbad spoke up, "I'm surprised you agreed to meet with me, seeing as though your brother and I are against each other in the Holy Grail War. So if you don't mind me asking, why did you come?"

"Kouen doesn't know where I am..." Kougyoku admitted.

"I see," Sinbad nodded, taking a sip of his hot coffee.

"Sem-I mean-Caster will probably yell at me when I return, but I don't care..."

Sinbad raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "Does Kouen have his servant watch you and your siblings?"

"While he's at work, yes. Kouen doesn't want anything to happen to us while he's not there," Kougyoku explained.

"From what I saw at the party, Caster doesn't seem to be the babysitter type."

"She's not, really. But she was ordered by Kouen to protect us at all costs, so she has to."

"By Command Seal?" Sinbad frowned in confusion. Would Kouen really use a Command Seal like that?

Kougyoku shrugged lightly, "I don't know. He doesn't tell me things like that. I only know what I hear from Koumei."

Sinbad nodded, thinking for a moment before asking, "How did Kouen react to hearing your cousin is also a master?"

"Oh, he's not too happy about that..." Kougyoku twirled the straw in her iced coffee, stirring its contents. "I don't know what Hakuryuu wants from the Grail... But I don't look forward to the day he might have to fight Kouen." A frown formed on her lips and she looked up to Sinbad, "Can we talk about a happier subject? If you don't mind, of course..."

"Of course, I understand," Sinbad agreed. "Then how have you been, Kougyoku? You're not from Japan, correct? When did you move here?"

"I'm alright, and no, my family is from China," Kougyoku brightened at the change in topic. "My aunt and uncle -Gyokuen and Hakutoku-, moved here with my cousins first. I think Hakuryuu was just a baby then. They moved because something happened with my uncle's company or something- I'm not sure. Gyokuen never told Kouen exactly what happened. But just a few years after they moved here their house set on fire and killed my uncle and two of my cousins. So my father moved here to help with their loss... I was rather young, so I don't remember much. Besides..." Kougyoku stopped herself, her mood sinking again.

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