Chapter thirty two- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Chapter thirty two- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jekyll stopped, confused by Assassin's exclamation. "Two...people...?" He turned slowly from his master, looking back to where he'd 'woken up'.

There stood Hyde, looking back at Jekyll with the same baffled look. "How in the bloody hell..."

It slowly dawned on the pair just what happened, Jekyll's heart swelling with joy. "I'm...I'm free... I'm free!" He looked back at Judar, who was still horrifyingly confused.

Hyde looked down at himself, flexing his hands and bending his arms, testing out every muscle. "No longer is there a pulling at my being, a force holding me back from my true potential... Never before have I felt this in control... The unlimited possibilities... Where shall I start?" He looked to Assassin and Archer.

"No. Not with you... I'll drag you down from that perch myself, but not yet..." His red gaze fell on Judar. He could feel his anger building at the sight of the black haired master. "You... You, who enslaved me. Who dragged me into this world against my will." Hyde began marching over to the teen, who panicked. "You... who sought to use me like a tool, to win this petty Grail..."

Judar stood shakily, "Berserker... By order of my Command Seals: stand down." His body glowed, one of his infinite seals vanishing, this time from his arm.

"How many Command Seals do you have?!" Assassin exclaimed. "Are you cheating or something?!"

"It must be Al-Thamen's doing," Archer decided. "He wasn't born a mage, you know."

"That damn organization..." Assassin growled, itching to tear the teen apart with her daggers.

Hyde easily shoved Jekyll aside, seizing Judar by the throat and lifting him into the air, clearly not affected by the Command Seal, "I, Edward Hyde, will slaughter you with my own two hands, then I will move on to that weakling of a doctor."

"Fuck..." Judar choked out, squirming in the servants grip. Berserker's true name was out. He looked over Hyde's shoulder to see the other servants reactions.

Assassin didn't seem to catch the hint. "Edward Hyde? That's your name? Who the hell is that?!" She looked up to Gilgamesh, "Blondie?"

Irritated, Gilgamesh answered, "Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde, you dimwit. A book set in the 1800's about a doctor with a split personality. He used potions to switch back and forth between himself and Hyde, but ultimately lost himself completely to his darker side." He crossed his arms, "A rather pathetic end."

Jekyll clenched his jaw, sitting up slightly, "It was far more than a 'split personality' it was a curse."

"A curse we are now set free of, thanks to you, Assassin." Hyde smirked over his shoulder, tightening his grip on Judar's throat. The teen squirmed, kicking his legs and clawing at Hyde's arm, to no avail.

Assassin scowled, "God, let's just kill him already..." She pulled out her normal, poisoned daggers and ran at Hyde again.

Hyde summoned his cane with his free hand, grip on Judar faltering as he batted Assassin aside easily, his cane glowing red. Next came a barrage of golden swords from Gilgamesh, all directed at Hyde and Judar with intent to kill them both.

"Lancer, save Judar!"

The black haired mage was ripped from Hyde's grip suddenly, carried off by an extremely fast being. Lancer carried the teen to a safer location, skidding to a halt several yards away from the commotion.

Judar wrestled himself from the servant's grip, standing roughly and complaining, "Couldn't've be any gentler? Geez..." He rubbed his sore neck, a dark purple bruise already forming.

"I apologize," Lancer bowed momentarily. "But there are far more pressing matters at hand."

"Yeah, whatever." Judar waved him off. He looked to Hakuryuu, who was helping Jekyll to his feet, as well as avoiding attacks from both Gilgamesh and Hyde. "You couldn't get here sooner, could you, Ryuu?!" His voice stung as he yelled, sarcasm dripping from his tone.

"Sorry about that," Hakuryuu called back, then shouted, "Zaug Mobarezo!" Countering Gilgamesh's swords and axes with wooden dragons, similar to Judar's 'Thalg Thalgeyya'. It wasn't enough, though. The swords were swallowed by the dragons, but continued to travel though them, piercing through the other end and continuing their attack on Hakuryuu and the split servants. "Dammit..." Hakuryuu cursed, his plan changing to just running from the swords in hopes they'd change course.

Surprisingly, they did, changing direction to go after Hyde by a simple command from Archer. The mad servant raised his pulsating cane, swinging it at the swords and shattering every single one with ease.

The feud between Hyde and Gilgamesh continued, the latter servant's anger growing the more Hyde deflected his attacks. Meanwhile, Hakuryuu reconvened with Judar and Lancer, Jekyll leaning on his shoulder. The servant was horrified, he'd never before seen just how evil Hyde was, it was always only bits and pieces of memories.

"Judar, are you alright?" Hakuryuu asked, Jekyll standing on his own now. "Why are Jekyll and Hyde separated?"

"It was Assassin's Noble Phantasm," Judar explained. "Some weird trick with her daggers. Apparently it's not supposed to work this way."

"It's supposed to sever body from spirit," Jekyll spoke. "In this case, however, it separated spirit from spirit..." He watched Hyde fight, several emotions building up inside.

"Hey, don't blame me for this shit!" Assassin yelled, coming over to the small group angrily. "It's not my fault you're a fucked up servant!" Any and all formalness dropped from the servant's way of speaking, anger and frustration taking over. She decided to take it out on Jekyll, running at him with her daggers drawn.

Lancer stepped in front of the Berserker-class servant, blocking Assassin's attack at the last second and sending the small metal weapons flying. A growl sounded deep in the female servant's throat, and she drew another pair of knives, commencing a full fledged fight between her and Lancer.


Author's Note-

the song is A- amazing and B- fits very well seeing as though it was legit made based on the book 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' :D

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