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The Journey Begins: A Magi Fanfiction by LexMars42
The Journey Begins: A Magi Lex
Kylona "Kyle" O'Hare receives some shocking news one day that leads to her waking up in a new and unfamiliar world. She is greeted by Balaam, a djinn, and find...
Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi) by AhiruElric
Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi)by EniloraThePuppeteer
When your village was raided and you were sold off as a slave, you never imagined you would gain the love of a prince. However, this was a prince you wished you had neve...
Magi: A New Beginning by SkullPop-G-Wizzy
Magi: A New Beginningby David Smith
Tell me What is your wish Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Ba-Thump My wish? Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Yes child your wish I wish for a fresh start Where I feel like I belong
magi labyrinth of magic(Fanfiction~) by dedee567
magi labyrinth of magic( dedee567
An odd girl with the strangest power to talk to any Djinn and her voice used in countless battles. Follow this girl throughout dangerous and outstanding adventures. Bein...
More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy Tail/Magi Cross-Over}} by minicchichin
More Than Bargained For {{A mini
Now at the age of eighteen, Elisha is given a job by Makarov himself. Master Bob has requested help in finding out more about a mysterious tower that has appeared in the...
Magi x Reader by Cupcakes4eves
Magi x Readerby Cupcakes4eves
Reverse-Hareeeeemmmmm :P Meep *Also back from the dead, wassup?*
A Different Future [A Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic Fanfic] by Setsuna771
A Different Future [A Magi: The Setsuna771
" I'll be your ally, and you'll be my king. " The fire incident 10 years ago had caused Hakuryuu to despise his mother, Ren Gyokuen, and seek revenge for his...
The Blind Prince by StormTearzz
The Blind Princeby Raven
Amir, King Sinbad's son, and prince of Sindria finally gets to leave the kingdom to travel along side his father. They travel to the trade kingdom of Balbadd where they...
It's Starting  {Magi x Reader} by TalaOmTrollen
It's Starting {Magi x Reader}by TalaOmTrollen
✨Reverse harem x Reader✨ Pretend romance and adventure are apart of your life! Be apart of the Magi series! I'll mostly be going off of the manga. All rights go to the...
Magi X Blind Reader by BlackRose2811
Magi X Blind Readerby Rosie
A young girl is stricken with blindness and now has to travel the world alone, proving people wrong and defeating her disability.
Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Sinbad No Bouken) by Raito-san14th
Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Raito-san14th
This is a story of Hana and the miracle of the world. "When I get older, I will make you my wife!", The child smiles widely. His golden eyes brim with determi...
The Guardian of Rukh by Fabu-chan
The Guardian of Rukhby Sausage
( Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ) ( Aladdin x Reader x Judal ) This time, I will find who I am, why I am here. All those countless times I found myself a new life. I neve...
It Started With A Kick (Magi: Ren Koumei/OC) by DreamsDoComeTrue
It Started With A Kick (Magi: Arissa 💫
"The first time we met, he tried to kill me." "The second time we met, she kicked me in the balls." "The third time we met was in front of the...
| 𝓕𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝓸𝓯 𝓡𝓾𝓴𝓱 | by oh-imasimp
| 𝓕𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝓸𝓯 𝓡𝓾𝓴𝓱 |by ☕︎︎ 𝓉ℯ𝒶 ☕︎︎
(MAGI CHARACTERS X MODERN!READER) "Judar, ignore Sinbad. Come and join forces with me! We can um...make flower crowns and dance on the clouds?" He gives you a...
Three Outsiders (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic  Fanfiction) by LeyahCheney
Three Outsiders (Magi: The LeyahCheney
Hey this is another one of my going to a different world story, it may seem weird so if you'd like me to write some other than going to worlds, please coment! Btw, this...
An Arranged Marriage by TooKawaiiTooLive
An Arranged Marriageby Rifa
You never expected your father to give you away as the bride for the first prince of Kou, Ren Kouen. You'd never even met, let alone seen the man but now you were alrea...
MY CUTE PET (Magi X Reader)by Chrysanthemumabcd
Sheon was a girl with a powerful curse yet she controls it perfectly until something happened.. She died in a car accident when saving a cute child then... BOOM! SHE DI...
The Bloody Survival [A Magi X Reader fanfic] DISCONTINUED by Squishy_Clouds
The Bloody Survival [A Magi X Dead but still here
The trees swayed with the wind as the leaves danced along. The city was calm and peaceful as always. But in a blink of an eye everything changed. War was engaged and tho...
Magi: Armakan Love Story by _Wolf_Queen_1
Magi: Armakan Love Storyby _Wolf_Queen_1
The seven seas alliance travel to another island in hope to form an alliance. What happens if, when they get there it's not what they expected. What happens if Armakan f...
∂єѕιяє (мαgι fαиfι¢тισи) by Ashley_018_
∂єѕιяє (мαgι fαиfι¢тισи)by αѕнℓєу
With mysteries surrounding her, she piques everyone's interest in her. Join her journey around the world, meeting powerful people, going on adventures, and doing all exc...