The Soulmates / Sinbad x Reader (Magi / AU) by Maryposavik
The Soulmates / Sinbad x Reader ( ReturnToTheRukh
(Y/N) is Princess Kougyoku Ren cousin, from her mother's side. She is not royalty, but she has lived with the Kou Empire's royal family since the death of her parents...
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「The Empire's Ruin | マグニ」; [ Under Major Editing ] by VanillaShakELLE
「The Empire's Ruin | マグニ」; [ Rose Elisse
(Y/N) Han, the first princess of Daesan Empire, has stumbled upon a situation for which she could no longer avoid. Due to irrevocable drastic measures she had encounter...
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疑惑と不安 || Sinbad x Reader by jeonggukiez
疑惑と不安 || Sinbad x Readerby Teeda 🖤
疑惑と不安 - Doubt and Insecurity. He treated her as if she was a sibling, as if she was someone that could never be deemed lovable in the most romantic ways. She treated him...
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More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy Tail/Magi Cross-Over}} by minicchichin
More Than Bargained For {{A mini
Now at the age of eighteen, Elisha is given a job by Makarov himself. Master Bob has requested help in finding out more about a mysterious tower that has appeared in the...
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Trust (Kouen Ren x oc) by Madi_Haoke
Trust (Kouen Ren x oc)by Madi_Haoke
--> What will happen when the one you loves, the one you devotes your life too, the one that you're willingly sacrifice anything for, turns out to be your blood-sworn...
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Magi: only a slave  by _Ren_Mizuki_
Magi: only a slave by R.E.I.N.A
Mizu well her actually name is Kouka, shes one of the princesses of the Kou empire but is treated as a servant by her Mother and sister (apart from Kougyoku and Hakuei) ...
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Reborn by LightTraitor
Rebornby Dark rejoices
I've seen a few of these, so I'm making my own! ~*~*~*~ Mayko liked to think of herself as a fairly average girl. Normal-crazy stuff happened to her, but it wasn't anyth...
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Magi x Male Reader by Rosetta_07
Magi x Male Readerby Melody
Hikari Hale , a commander knight serving King Arthur Pendragon. He was skilled with every weapon that he knows . But one day strange building started popping out of nowh...
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Dream: Ja'far x Reader (a magi fanfic) by WaterlilyLon
Dream: Ja'far x Reader (a magi Waterlily Lon
(y/n) is a member of the tribe of Desengi, a tribe which everyone tries to avoid. This tribe does not interact with the outside world. They prefer to stay on the island...
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✧ {Your Mine} ✧ Yandere!Judar x reader by Wolfy_pawz
✧ {Your Mine} ✧ Yandere!Judar x ❀Tabatha~Chan❀
You were the 3rd princess of (your empire). One day you meet the magi of the kou empire. He fells madly in love with you and being comes jealous to any guy you talk to.
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ambiguous love by brueberry
ambiguous loveby brueberry
i think this book is on crack. read if you dare.
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Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Sinbad No Bouken) by RaitoHanaNFS
Hana and Sinbad of the Seven RaitoHanaNFS
This is a story of Hana and the miracle of the world. "When I get older, I will make you my wife!", The child smiles widely. His golden eyes brim with determi...
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Magi: Hiraeth by lilyofthelamplight_
Magi: Hiraethby Riz
He who left her, longed for her yet, she didn't come back. "Even the mightiest of kings fall once forced to the edge." The longing for a place you called home...
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~мαgι οηεsнотs~ by jamlessmochijimin
~мαgι οηεsнотs~by -ˏ‵ㅤㅤㅤʹˎ-
₪ⓜⓐⓖⓘ₪ Magi X Reader!!! ₪ Slow Updates! ₪ cover credits go to @Hobify! ♛Highest Ranking in Fanfiction - #883 - 17 / 05 / 15 ♚Highest Ranking in Short Story - #29 - 18...
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Magi: The Tale of Faith and Hope by Weezie_24
Magi: The Tale of Faith and Hopeby weezerz2490
When twin sisters Hope and Faith find themselves separated in a strange world full of magic and danger, they are willing to do anything to find each other again. Follow...
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Magi Fanfic: Fallen Destinies [Sinbad X Reader] by artemi5c
Magi Fanfic: Fallen Destinies [ ART&MISC
You're the Holy Maiden of a small land, conqueror of the 4th dungeon, Balam. As Yunan guides you to a new journey, he also prophecies you'll meet someone whose destiny i...
  • magi
  • aventure
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Love And Manipulation [1]-Sinbad Magi X OC by theauthor-chan
Love And Manipulation [1]-Sinbad Author-Chan
A stunning, beautiful, and seductive story, between a king and a woman. ----- CONTENT ; S.S.S.S -Sexual Content -Swearing And Cursing -Suicide Attempts -Seguel At End
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Magical life of Magi by Fairy1234567890
Magical life of Magiby Misuki
A girl was going through her A's and B's. Until one day, she was teleported to her favourite anime, Magi! How would she survive in a world full of magic? She has to work...
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ѕтσяу вєуσи∂ нєя ғᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇ〈мαgι fαи fι¢〉 by MariettaWhitePG
ѕтσяу вєуσи∂ нєя ғᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇ〈мαgι fαи ↠ Highcess
Darkness.. Was all she could recall after that horrific tragedy in the other world. Her face was left emotionless as a recap of what happened rushed through mind while s...
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~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Reader) by Cookielzi
~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Cookielzi
[Y/N] found herself in the world of magi however she has a secret too. She too caught hearts of the boys and has to change and choose something. What could it be! Stay t...
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