Magi : My Lecherous King by jungkookass
Magi : My Lecherous Kingby jungkookass
"She wouldn't be too pleased to hear that coming from your lecherous mouth" Pisti stuck her tongue out Sinbad visibly tensed up at Pisti's words "She?&qu...
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Together to the Ends of Time [Sinbad] by empresskadia
Together to the Ends of Time [ Kadia
[Sinbad X Wife! Reader] [Chapters] [Magi] It was no surprise to you when Sinbad asked you to be his queen after all you two were childhood friend, who promised to be tog...
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The Soulmates / Sinbad x Reader (Magi / AU) by Maryposavik
The Soulmates / Sinbad x Reader ( ReturnToTheRukh
(Y/N) is Princess Kougyoku Ren cousin, from her mother's side. She is not royalty, but she has lived with the Kou Empire's royal family since the death of her parents...
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Zana by LightTraitor
Zanaby Dark rejoices
The fifth magi. She's been around for- how long? Really, how long has she been around? She's lost count of the years. For a good portion of them, she simply hibernated i...
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~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Reader) by Cookielzi
~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Cookielzi
[Y/N] found herself in the world of magi however she has a secret too. She too caught hearts of the boys and has to change and choose something. What could it be! Stay t...
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Teen Sinbad x Reader by katiyachann
Teen Sinbad x Readerby katiya
Princess (Y/N) hails from the country of Tenrou, where she is known not only as an incredible dancer, but as the next to take the throne. When a pair of merchants arrive...
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Magi: Sinbad x child x Ja'far (On Hold) by LunaMonsune
Magi: Sinbad x child x Ja'far ( LunaMonsune
A young girl finds her way into the palace, claiming to be Sinbad's daughter. This story is mostly fluff, but I'll try and add some serious parts too. I don't own Magi o...
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Remember Me, Sinbad [Magi: Sinbad x Reader] by thecellophanesoldier
Remember Me, Sinbad [Magi: Zoey
You grew up in the Tison Village, with Sinbad being your only friend your age. Living with your adopted father, your young life was peaceful, up until the day Sinbad lef...
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Magi: Medusa (Hakuryuu x OC x Judar) by _Ren_Mizuki_
Magi: Medusa (Hakuryuu x OC x FABULOUS GENIUS
A girl that has snake hair, everyone is afraid of this girl, will she meet new people, will she make friends?
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Sinbad X Reader Stories by TooKawaiiTooLive
Sinbad X Reader Storiesby Rifa
Basically, it's just what the title says. I moved this from quotev onto to see if I would get a response, also some requests. Feel free to make any request as long as it...
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Magi Fanfic: Fallen Destinies [Sinbad X Reader] by artemi5c
Magi Fanfic: Fallen Destinies [ ART&MISC
You're the Holy Maiden of a small land, conqueror of the 4th dungeon, Balam. As Yunan guides you to a new journey, he also prophecies you'll meet someone whose destiny i...
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~мαgι οηεsнотs~ by jamlessmochijimin
~мαgι οηεsнотs~by 땡
₪ⓜⓐⓖⓘ₪ Magi X Reader!!! ₪ Slow Updates! ₪ Cover ₪ Made By ⓚⓞⓤ! ♛Highest Ranking in Fanfiction - #883 - 17 / 05 / 15 ♚Highest Ranking in Short Story - #29 - 18 / 01 / 13...
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Trapped in Al-thamen by TooKawaiiTooLive
Trapped in Al-thamenby Rifa
She had been trapped ever since the Arba found her way into Gyokuen and had created Al-thamen.
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Childhood Friends (Teenage Sinbad X Reader) by SpreadYourWingsFree
Childhood Friends (Teenage Tigrantly
(Yn) and Sinbad have been great friends since they were just born, They were said to be two miracles that is very rare for two beings to be born with so much power. O...
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Magi Oneshots [Requests Are FOREVER Closed] by bubble_tea003
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are ♔YOONGI'S WIFE♔
This is a one shot book and I hope you enjoy it. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion, but I'm pretty sure my writing slowly gets better in the one shots. COMPL...
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A Different Future [A Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic Fanfic] by Setsuna771
A Different Future [A Magi: The Setsuna771
" I'll be your ally, and you'll be my king. " The fire incident 10 years ago had caused Hakuryuu to despise his mother, Ren Gyokuen, and seek revenge for his...
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Alibaba x Judal by StellaRasuchan
Alibaba x Judalby Stella Rasu
My new Magi OTP!! Alibaba x Judal!! If you have NOT read chapter 265-267 DON'T READ!! Cause this story is mainly based on those chapters!! If you have read enjoy...
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The Snake Princess (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
The Snake Princess (Magi Alex Hyde
*I do not own Magi or any of the characters* *3rd place winner of MagiWA 2017 in Sinbad category* Amirah is a princess of Heliohapt seeking adventure. She's only eve...
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Magi x Fairy Tail Crossover by Midna0923
Magi x Fairy Tail Crossoverby Midna0923
Magi and Fairy Tail crossover. While Natsu's twin sister, Sora, is fighting an enemy, she gets transported to the world of Magi. Along the road, she meets Aladdin and co...
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The New Girl by MelodyFanalis
The New Girlby MelodyFanalis
A Magi fanfiction! I usually write about Masrur, but Muu needs love too. And yes i spell Reim with an R In the semi-quiet peaceful Reim a girl was walking. She was no o...
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