Chapter four- An Old Friend

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Chapter four- An Old Friend


The black haired teen froze and hissed to his servant, who was in his materialized form, "Quick, go away, Lancer!"

"Got it," Lancer nodded and vanished.

"Hello, Alibaba. Is Aladdin not with you this morning?" Hakuryuu played it cool as the blond ran up to him.

"Nope, he and Morgiana are doing something before school," Alibaba informed. "Hey, was that guy that was just here your servant? I thought you said you weren't a master?"

"Who do you mean?" Hakuryuu tried, turning to walk towards their school.

"You know who I mean. I summoned my servant last night too."

"Who did you get?"

"Saber. He's pretty awesome."

"You got Saber? Really?" Hakuryuu slowed his pace, "Look, Alibaba. We shouldn't continue to be friends like this..."

"Why not?" Alibaba frowned.

"We're both masters now, my servant is Lancer. Eventually we're going to have to fight each other."

"Why not form an alliance?" The blond suggested.

"I'd rather not."

Alibaba stopped walking and his frown deepened, "Why are you like this all of a sudden? Shouldn't we be in this together? If we're together, then we'll surely be able to win. We both have knight class servants too-"

"I don't need your help. This is something I must do on my own."

"But you're not on your own if you're using Lan-"

Hakuryuu sighed, "Why do want to form an alliance so bad?"

"Because you're my friend! I can't just kill you or let you do this by yourself!" Alibaba exclaimed. "Why can't we just fight together? Other masters are likely to form alliances as well, aren't they?"

He's right, Master. Lancer's voice echoed in Hakuryuu's mind.

I know that! But I don't need his help! Hakuryuu growled back, his venomous tone shown on his face. Another deep sigh. "No. I'm sorry, Alibaba." He began walking again.

"I can't fight you, Hakuryuu... I won't." Alibaba spoke, glaring at the ground. "Even if we cross paths again, I won't fight you..."

"That'll be your demise, then." Hakuryuu replied.

Once they were far away from the blond, Lancer made himself visible again. "Why did you do that, Master?"

"He doesn't understand." Hakuryuu said simply. He couldn't help feeling a tinge of guilt.

"There's still a chance he'll let you change your mind," Lancer said, walking beside him.

"I'm fine. I don't need his help."

"Not right now, but you might in the future."

"Shut up. I-" Hakuryuu paused as they neared his school building. A hooded figure was walking just a few feet in front of him, a long black braid the only visible trait. "Judar...?" He began walking towards them.

"Master, what are you doing?" Lancer asked, following him.

"Judar?" Hakuryuu repeated, placing a hand on the person and twirling them around.

"Hakuryuu...?" Judar was paler than Hakuryuu remembered, his eyes an even darker shade of crimson. The force of spinning Judar around had knocked an arm from it's place in his hoodie pocket, revealing familiar red markings on his right hand.

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