Chapter twenty eight- Dark Thoughts

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Chapter twenty eight- Dark Thoughts

Sinbad was leaning forward, supporting his head somewhat on his folded hands as he watched Alibaba scarf down food with an amused expression. They had talked for a little while, Sinbad speaking the most, while Alibaba ate, seeming rather distant. Archer had only been gone for about an hour, and Sinbad could feel the servant beginning to use a bit more mana than usual. Hopefully he's not being completely idiotic... Sinbad was growing annoyed with the servant's short temper. Poor Assassin's probably getting shish kebabed.

"So, Alibaba, have you thought about my offer?" The purple haired man tried to get through to the teen.

Alibaba paused, fork mid-air on track to his mouth, "Ah...yeah... I have."

"Have you come to a decision, then?" Sinbad pressed.

"Mhm." The blond nodded, stuffing his face with more food. Once he swallowed, he replied more properly, "I'll take you up on your offer. For now, we can be allies."

Sinbad smiled. "Good. Does Saber agree as well?"

Alibaba shrugged, "He's resting right now. We both used a bit too much mana."

"Speaking of which, how are you feeling? You're a novice with magic, that must have been a very difficult battle for you."

The teen pushed his empty plate aside, as well as the shame he felt from hearing Sinbad call him a 'novice'. "Well...I'm fine. Just...really, really tired."

"Would you like to come back to the church to rest? We could discuss further plans tomorrow if you'd like." Sinbad offered with another kind smile.

Alibaba nodded, too exhausted to disagree.


At the church, Alibaba was introduced properly to Ja'far and Assassin, as well as Sinbad's 'followers' who were a rather lively bunch of multi-talented people. They were all very kind, yet Alibaba couldn't focus on their words. He was shown to his room, which was part of newly-built wing of the building, the wood not exactly the same shade of brown as the rest. Alibaba was also given a new set of clothes to replace his bloodied ones. Grey sweats and a green tee-shirt were his new attire, a simple pair of sneakers to match.

Just as Alibaba split from the group to retreat to his quarters, Archer returned, materializing right in front of him. The teen was jolted out of his half-asleep state, jumping backwards as so not to bump into the servant. Instead, he bumped into Sinbad. At least he wasn't risking a sword through the face this way.

The older master turned and caught Alibaba, placing him back on his feet. He went to ask the teen if he was alright, but paused as he noticed Archer. "Welcome back, Gilgamesh. Anything interesting happen while you were out?"

"Not particularly." The golden-haired servant responded, eyes fixated on the shorter blond. "Why is he here?"

"We've formed an alliance," Sinbad informed. "So no harm shall come to him, alright?"

Assassin huffed from where she stood beside Ja'far a few feet away, "Yeah, right. That'll work great."

Sinbad looked back at the female servant, then back to Gilgamesh. "I'm serious. He's our friend, and you should treat him as such."

"I don't have friends," Gilgamesh spoke, crossing his arms. Then he walked away, seeming to have lost his interest in the blond master already.

Alibaba took several steps away from Sinbad and the group, turning around to say, "Well, I'm going to head to bed for the night..."

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