Chapter forty three- Brewing Misunderstandings

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Chapter forty three- Brewing Misunderstandings

"Master, it's time to get up," Rider stood leaning against the doorway to Muu Alexius' bedroom, his arms crossed over his chest casually. The sun was just rising, casting strips of light through the closed shades on the other side of the room across the floor and bed.

On the bed lay Muu Alexius on his stomach, arms buried under the pillow and his hair sprawled across the sheets. He groaned at Rider's voice, shifting so he was facing away from him.

With a small smile, Noah spoke again, "I've come up with some plans for the war and would like to go over them with you. You can't stay in bed all day anyway, Master."

Another groan. "Stupid war," Muu grumbled into the pillows, hugging them closer. "I want to go back to Rome already..."

"You can't leave Japan, Master."

"Says who?"

"The Holy Church."

"You mean Sinbad? I'm sure he's broken most of the rules already, who cares if I do too?" Muu reluctantly sat up, running a hand through his long pink hair, only making it more tangled.

Climbing out of bed, Muu groggily walked over to his closet and got dressed as he spoke, "So, what have you come up with, Noah?"

"Right." Rider stood straight as Muu finished getting ready, following him out of the bedroom as he began his explanation, "I know you're not fond of fighting children, nor am I, so I decided leaving Alibaba Saluja, Hakuryuu Ren, and Judar alone for now was the best option-"

"After what happened to Hakuryuu, of course that's the best option," Muu agreed almost bitterly. "Where does Sinbad -and Archer, actually- get off on torturing kids?" He shook his head, walking over to the coffee pot in the small kitchen of his rented condo. He began making coffee as he listened to the rest of Noah's plans.

"The only other targets then are Kouen Ren and Sinbad. I'm sure you agree that the latter is far more of a threat than the former."

"I agree. What are you suggesting?"

"We could ally with Kouen, though I'm not exactly comfortable with it."

"Do you think he'd want to ally with us? It seems unlikely."

"We have a common enemy," Rider reminded.

Muu nodded, glancing at his servant, "Yes, but will Kouen see it that way?"

Rider shrugged, "We won't know unless we try. He shouldn't have any quarrels with us anyway."


"Are you ready Semiramis? I'd like to get this over with," Kouen asked his servant as he adjusted the white vest he wore open over a dark short-sleeved shirt. Koumei stood beside him silently, already ready to go.

"W-Where are you going?" Kougyoku asked nervously, her pink long sleeved shirt covering her hands and then her mouth as she raised them to it. She cautiously entered the room, gasping as Kouha ran up behind her and casually plopped an arm on her shoulder.

"Yea, where're ya goin'?" He asked. He had a lollipop in his mouth which he pulled out momentarily to speak before returning to sucking on it.

Kougyoku flinched under his weight, tempted to pull away or push him off. She ended up just standing there, letting him do whatever for fear of him reacting negatively.

"We're going after Muu Alexius and Rider," Semiramis explained evenly.

"Mei too?" Kouha frowned. As far as he knew, Koumei wasn't a mage nor of any use in a fight.

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