Chapter twenty seven- Noah's Ark

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Chapter twenty seven- Noah's Ark

As the world around them changed, Semiramis quickly used her magic to hover several feet above the water, catching Archer by his jacket collar before he fell. "So this is a Reality Marble, hmm? You were surprisingly ill prepared, Gilgamesh."

"Unhand me you wench!" Archer squirmed in her grip, glaring up at her.

"Are you sure about that? Look around." Below them, ocean waves crashed violently into each other, as well as into a large ship. Trying to swim would be impossible between the cold waters and raging current.

Gilgamesh growled, but stopped squirming. "Go over to the ship, then."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, either." Semiramis looked to the ship. It was gigantic. With several decks and a large house on the main deck, all covered in rabid animals. Every single floor had large windows, allowing the different species to poke their heads out.

Every single type of animal was on the ship in a pairs of at least two. Giraffes, elephants, wolves, birds, even mammoths were on board, all making noise and growling angrily at the Babylonian royalties.

In the center of it all stood Rider, smirking proudly with his arms raised, "Like it? I made it myself!"

Gilgamesh narrowed his eyes at the servant, realizing his true name. "Noah."

"As in Noah's Ark?" Semiramis assumed. "Interesting."

"Why don't you two come over here? Don't worry, the animals won't bite...much..."


"Where's Caster?" Kouen demanded, anger bubbling up in his chest and accidentally pouring out of his mouth, scaring his younger siblings.

"S-She left a about an hour ago, just before you got home..." Kougyoku answered sheepishly, pulling her long sleeved shirt over her hands and covering her mouth with them.

"Dammit. Did she say where she was going?" Kouen looked to his youngest brother.

"No, she didn't. She just said 'I'm going out', then left," Kouha replied, shoving his hands into his jean pockets lazily. "Can't you track her or something?"

"No, I can't." Kouen shook his head. "But she's using more mana than usual..."

"Meaning she's in a fight, correct?" Koumei joined the conversation.

"Correct." Kouen nodded. He lifted his right hand, frowning at the four Command Seals. He didn't want to lose his extra one, but he couldn't risk losing his rash servant due to her negligence.

Who could she have run into? Clearly it was someone she didn't care for, maybe even a servant she knew in life. Kouen knew from his research that Semiramis had several enemies in life, but the chances of one of them becoming a servant as well were slim.

Kouen couldn't figure it out. He hadn't fought any other servants yet, meaning Caster couldn't have possibly made an enemy that way. It had to be someone she met at his celebration weeks before. The redheaded master thought back...

She'd been watching the party from afar most of the night, but just before Berserker's incident she was...dancing with a golden haired man. Kouen narrowed his eyes. Archer?

"What's wrong, Kouen?" Koumei's concerned tone broke the master from his thoughts.

"She's with Archer." Kouen decided.

"Archer? Why him?"

Kouen ignored him, raising his Command Seals and speaking, "Semiramis... By order of my Command Seals..."


"Welcome to my Ark, King of Heroes, Queen of Heaven," Rider greeted, a wide smile on his lips as he gestured around at his creation. "I'm sure you've realized who I am by now, right?"

"Of course, Noah." Caster replied, dropping Archer roughly on the boat before lowering herself to the deck, crossing her arms.

"You--" Gilgamesh growled angrily, pulling himself to his feet and stomping up to the queen.

"What, Gilgamesh? Not used to being under someone?" Caster smiled, not at all threatened by the servant before her.

"I'll end you, you pompous bit-"

"How many times do I have to tell you two? Keep it in your pants, Gilgamesh." Rider scolded. He shook his head and muttered, "You two are such children."

"You'd dare mock a king like that?" Gilgamesh turned his anger on the male servant.

"I'm far older than you, Gilgamesh. And much more powerful, I presume."

"Would you like to test that?" The golden haired servant summoned several portals behind him.

"Of course," Rider smiled, drawing his sword. "You've heard the saying, haven't you, King of Heroes? 'Jack of all trades, master of none...'"

Gilgamesh smirked, sending several sharp weapons at the servant. "'...though oftentimes better than master of one.' Be prepared, Noah."

Semiramis frowned, realizing she was being ignored. "Finish your fight with me first, Gilgamesh. It's only fair."

"Oh, shut up, whore. You wouldn't last in a real fight." Gilgamesh equipped his armor in a golden glow, then looked over his shoulder at Caster, "I've decided I won't waste my time on you. Appreciate that, and wait your turn."

This angered Semiramis further. She clenched her jaw and balled her hands into fists, her nails digging into her palms, cutting through her skin and making her bleed. She narrowed her eyes at Archer, while blood freely flowed from the crescent-shaped cuts in her palms and formed a circle of blood around her feet.

The blood began glowing, Caster muttering, "Queen's En-"

"Semiramis! By order of my Command Seals- return to me at once!" Kouen's clearly agitated voice made Caster freeze. The blood around her stopped glowing, and her palms healed themselves.

"Curses..." Caster hissed, glaring at nothing in particular. "You dare interrupt me, Kouen? Do you not know your place?"

Archer and Rider watched the female servant in surprise; Rider in specific was unaware her master didn't know of her whereabouts. Another wonder was what spell Caster had attempted to perform. Could it have been her Noble Phantasm?

"I am well aware of my place, Semiramis. I am your master, and you are obligated to obey me by Command Seals. Come back to the mansion. Now."

Semiramis growled, avoiding eye contact with either of the servants in front of her. She gave in to the will of the Command Seal, letting it teleport her away in a flash of gold. Only something as strong as a Command Seal was able to allow a servant exit from such a powerful Reality Marble.

"Well...looks like it's just you and I, Archer," Rider concluded, raising his sword to the servant as the blond turned back to him.

" We'll leave it at that for now. You had your fun, showed off your skills, but I'm bored." Gilgamesh allowed his armor to disappear, despite having only just equipped it.

Rider frowned, raising an eyebrow, "Seriously?" The corners of his lips turned up as he realized something, "You can't leave unless I allow it. Are you asking for mercy, King of Heroes?"

"If pushed further, I will slaughter you, Noah. Take this as me sparing you."

Rider rolled his eyes, sheathing his sword. "Man, you Babylonian royalties sure are dramatic. You could've just asked, you know, instead of threatening me every time you open your spoiled mouth." He rose his right arm and snapped his fingers, the Reality Marble diminishing instantly, returning them to the roof of the Kou Trading Company.

"Say-" Rider turned to say more, only to find the golden haired servant had vanished. He sighed, "In a rush, is he?" Godless heathen...


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