Chapter three- The Summoning of the Servants: Part Two

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Chapter three- The Summoning of the Servants: Part two

"Before we begin, Ja'far, do you mind telling me what other servants have already been claimed?" The golden eyed man asked the priest, who was crouched on the ground, finishing up a summoning circle.

"Of course, Sin." Ja'far stood and adjusted his suit. "As host of this Holy Grail War, I know the names of all the chosen masters, and the names of the servants they've summoned. So far, Kouen Ren, Muu Alexius, Alibaba Saluja, along with you and I, have been chosen by the Grail, although none of them have summoned a servant yet. Two spots still remain."

"So you don't know what servants the others are going to get?"

"I have no way of knowing until they summon their servants themselves, I'm sorry." Ja'far apologized. "It's nearing two am, If any of the other masters are going to summon their servants, they'll do it then."

"It's fine. I will most likely get the strongest servant anyway," Sinbad shrugged. "What do you know about the chosen families?"

"All three are a part of the founding families. The Alexius family resides in Rome, and the Rens are from China. As for the Salujas, they resided in England until a few years ago, when they moved here in Fuyuki." Ja'far spoke. "We can assume all the families aim for one of the strongest servants, Saber, Lancer and Archer, but you will be the first to summon a servant, meaning you have a chance to get one of them before they do."

"Right. We better start right away, then," Sinbad nodded. "Thank you, Ja'far." The priest nodded and took a few steps back, allowing the purple haired man to begin the summoning.

Unknown to the pair, they weren't the only ones summoning their servants that night. Hakuryuu Ren, who was not on their list, was summoning his servant at the same time Sinbad was. Sinbad performed the same ritual as Hakuryuu, left hand holding his right in place as he spoke the incantation. A white glow emitted from the summoning circle below him as he neared the end of the chant, eventually washing over the entire church and blinding them.

Once the light faded, Sinbad lowered his arms. Looking over his new servant, he smirked, "Ja'far, this Grail is as good as ours." He then spoke to his servant clad in full gold armor, "You're Archer, aren't you?"

A man with golden blond hair and crimson eyes directed his attention to Sinbad, staring daggers into the purple haired man, "And you are?"

"I am Sinbad, your new master," Sinbad spoke proudly.

"My master?" The man raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. I've summoned you to help me obtain the Holy Grail."

"That Grail is already mine," The man looked around the area with a bored expression. "Why would I allow you to steal from me?"

Sinbad glanced at Ja'far, who seemed to understand the situation, "Are you the King of Heroes by chance? Gilgamesh?"

"I am," Gilgamesh looked to Ja'far. "I'm here as the Archer class, but I am no one's servant."

"I'm sure we could arrange something," Sinbad tried.

"What do you have to offer that I don't already own several of?"

"A source of amusement?" Sinbad offered.

Archer huffed. "And what is your wish for the Grail?"

"Only time will tell," Sinbad said with a sly smile.

Archer narrowed his eyes, clearly annoyed that he didn't get the answer he wanted. There was something different about the man before him, and it irritated him. "A mongrel like you won't serve as amusement for long, but very well. I'll entertain this little ideal of yours..."

Sinbad smiled, "Great. We'll begin tomorrow. For now," He turned to Ja'far, "Let's celebrate!"

"Sin..." Ja'far sighed, "This is serious. We don't have time to fool around."

"Nonsense, we've plenty of time! None of the other masters have summoned their servants yet, right?"

"I have yet to summon mine, remember?"

"Well, you know how to do that yourself, don't you? I'm going to introduce everyone to Archer. If you don't mind of course," Sinbad turned to Archer.

Archer changed his attire in a flash of golden light, his gold armor becoming a simple white shirt and snake print pants, "Fine. What other rats do you possess?"

"Seven men, including Ja'far, plus one woman mage," Sinbad explained with a proud look, "All masters of different talents. I rescued them on my journeys, and they've all sworn loyalty to me."

"Hmm." Archer hummed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Let's see."

Ja'far sighed again as the pair left, beginning to prepare to summon his servant. "Two of a kind, those two..." He muttered. "Two men who've obtained far too much power..." Sinbad was a master of a very sly magic, and now had the strongest servant- possibly even stronger than Saber-. He'd traveled around the world several times, saving those who needed it and creating relationships with important world leaders as he went. His existence was practically unknown to the Mage's Association, and the Founding Families knew nothing about his motivations and desires.

His men had taken over the church several years before, Ja'far becoming the holder of the extra Command Seals from the past Holy Grail Wars at a young age. He'd sworn to not use them during the next Grail War though, limiting himself to only the basic three Command Seals.

Ja'far swiftly performed his summoning ritual, and greeted his new servant; Assassin.


A man with pink hair and matching eyes stood beside his mother's bed, gripping her pale hand tightly with his right hand. The blonde woman was growing old and frail, her life slowly fading away. She had bestowed the Alexius family crest unto him a few years before, and entrusted him to winning the next Holy Grail War. Muu swore to do so, and now was his chance. "I'll be leaving to Japan tonight, Scheherazade. I'm leaving Myron and Titus to take care of you while I'm away. I swear, I won't come back to Rome until I've won you the Grail and grant you eternal youth... I've already summoned my servant, Rider. He'll assure my victory, I promise you. "

"Please be careful, Muu. I couldn't stand to lose you." Scheherazade spoke, her voice soft and kind.

"I will. Goodbye, Scheherazade."


Author's Note-

So Muu has Rider, Ja'far- Assassin, Hakuryuu- Lancer and Sinbad- the one and only King of Heroes. 

I wanted to have something directly from the Fate series and who better than the worlds biggest asshole besides Gyokuen? 

this gif is very pretty though

this gif is very pretty though

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