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Fate/GOD ZERO(Male Mori Jin x Fate/Zero) by AstaEager
Fate/GOD ZERO(Male Mori Jin x Fate...by Asta.liodas
Yup you guessed it you yes you readers are mori Jin but in a bit of your own way any how you apparently are summoned to the holy grail war where servants and master figh...
Fate / Chronos by Umbral-Z
Fate / Chronosby Umbral-Z
A jaded freelancer unexpectedly becomes a Master in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Armed with nothing but a child's wish, he heeds the Grail's call. But beware, Zayne, for s...
The 8th Servant (Fate UBW x Male Reader)  by Xx_Hisoka_xX
The 8th Servant (Fate UBW x Male R...by 𝐻𝑖𝑠𝑜𝑘𝑎 𝑀𝑜𝑟𝑜𝑤
When a mysterious 8th servant appears in the Holy Grail War, something that shouldn't be possible, things are bound to change. What will happen to y/n and how will he a...
Betrayed OP MaleReader! X Highschool Dxd by Royal-Gil
Betrayed OP MaleReader! X Highscho...by Caster-Gil
Y/N betrayed by Rias and her peerage but how will they react if they find out that the presumed to be dead Y/N is alive and stronger than before planning for his revenge...
The Bastard son by Shimokiba
The Bastard sonby Lord Frosty
What if Qrow had a son What if that son sided with Salem What if the mother of the son was a demon
The Knight of the Fairies by Garga11
The Knight of the Fairiesby Zapp
After destroying the Holy Grail, Yuto Pendragon is catapulted into another dominated world where magic is an essential part of people's lives. Here it is sold and bought...
Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
Cu Chulainn Drabbles by HohCarmen
Cu Chulainn Drabblesby Cravat
Ranking: #1 - unlimitedbladeworks [12/07/18] Just some Cu Chulainn x Master one-shots that I came up with on a whim. (also a collection of the most cringey one shots yo...
Anime/Game Guys X Chubby Reader (Requests Closed!) ON HIATUS by Goldust2002
Anime/Game Guys X Chubby Reader (R...by Goldust2002
This is for all those girls out there who are insecure about their bodies. All of you girls are beautiful and deserve love. So here are some Scenarios that you might lik...
The adventures of a servant in the DC Universe by Demon010
The adventures of a servant in the...by Novizio 010
My quiet life was destroyed by Zelretch. Now I'm Mystic, the Guardian of San Francisco. I must use the power of Seven Class Cards to survive in this crazy world, invoke...
Fate/New Life by GFxPRx
Fate/New Lifeby GhostFreakxPRx
2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called the The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creatin...
RWBY Multiverse by Shimokiba
RWBY Multiverseby Lord Frosty
It's in the title
Soul of Creation, Son of Magic by saberbladeprime
Soul of Creation, Son of Magicby saberbladeprime
His body is of humanity yet his soul is of creation, his fate was unknown until he met a being made by the gods and one birthed by a god. His fate was forever changed. I...
The Ultimate Hero by RVald1
The Ultimate Heroby Raul Valdivia
The Throne of Heroes. A place that exists beyond time and space. All the legends of all the greatest heroes throughout history from all the realities are recorded there...
The shameless King by Kikin2006
The shameless Kingby Kikin2006
Take the soul of a lazy and shameless nerd that has delusions of grandeur and a habit of blackmail, now insert his soul into King Arthur(from the nasuverse) Multiverse t...
Fated Destiny by FatedWriter
Fated Destinyby Scathach
In the year 2023, Chaldea Security Organization has completed the Fate project and has assigned Christopher and his sister as Masters to Holy Spirits with the simple mis...
RWBY Watches  by RememberNoName
RWBY Watches by Rio Armd
when ruby ​​and his friends will go to the atlas they want to watch a movie but what happen??
Days of Red (Archer x Rin) by Apikachucanwrite
Days of Red (Archer x Rin)by The Author
"Because you are my master, you are the only one that I shall serve under..." "Because you are my servant, you are the only one I shall command..." ...
The 9th Servant (Fate/Stay Night) by panpriya
The 9th Servant (Fate/Stay Night)by ;manoban
A strange blonde girl with a striking resemblance to Gilgamesh joined the Holy Grail War. But the question is, who is she and who summoned her? Now Rin and Shirou and th...
[The Hero] RWBY X Abused Neglected Male Reader X Fate Series by RazeLast
[The Hero] RWBY X Abused Neglected...by razelast
Y/n is the adoptive son of Taiyang xiao long and summer rose he has two sisters Ruby his little sister and yang his sister with the same age. He lived happily until some...