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Fate's Wild Card by Side-Man
Fate's Wild Cardby Side-Man
A fan of Fate is the (un)fortunate victim of an isekai. On the bright side, they get the power of one of their favorite video games: Persona. Servants, mages, and a corr...
Fate/Determination by Oramudadora
Fate/Determinationby Oramudadora
The soul of determination. It is a rare soul. One that can bend the world with nothing but the soul's will and determination. Those with a soul like this are either, a...
Gilgamesh's Descendant. by TeamWhiteRose100
Gilgamesh's Descendant.by TeamWhiteRose100
This is a story about Gilgamesh's distant descendant who like Gilgamesh has the powers of The Gate Of Babylon but she cannot wield everything inside so she practices and...
Guardian of Light(Fate/Zero Fanfic) by JeanCrest8
Guardian of Light(Fate/Zero Fanfic)by Jean Crestlight
Jean Tohsaka is the eldest daughter of Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka. When her father enters the war, she stays in hiding with the rest of her family. That is, until she runs...
Jaune : the beginning of a hero by echoking74
Jaune : the beginning of a heroby echoking74
It was a normal day in beacon academy when jaune decided to go for a walk around vale when he came up to a weird stand where he met everybody's most loved/hated vampire...
A Sound of Thunder (Guilty Gear X Fate/Zero) by Black-dragon21
A Sound of Thunder (Guilty Gear X...by Dragon Uninstall
Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knight, Chief of the International Police Force, First King of Illyria, rival of Sol Badguy, genius swordsman, husband, father, her...
Fate/New Life by GFxPRx
Fate/New Lifeby Ghostie447
2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creating a...
Fate/Gamer Alternative by Thienlibra3
Fate/Gamer Alternativeby Thienlibra3
A man ridden with sins gets reincarnated into the body of one Shinji Matou in the Nasuverse. By some stroke of luck he scored the jackpot with the Gamer ability. Chaos e...
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldea by TheAxel1105
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldeaby TheAxel1105
Fujimaru Ritsuka, also known as Gudako was the young magus who saved mankind from extinction by restoring its foundations in history with the help of her many servants...
Servants Of Justice by BA55edWriter
Servants Of Justiceby BA55Line
In Crossover Scenarios the Team had summoned their Servants through a spell sealed in ancient times, but was used and restarted a war lost to time and now with an even b...
Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Gilgamesh) by Eroge-Chan
Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Gil...by Eroge-Chan
Shirou Emiya and Gilgamesh were fighting and Gilgamesh almost won....until a Heroic Spirit named Tiresias casted a curse on Gilgamesh turning him into a female, and Tra...
Fate/Spider [On Hold] by Oramudadora
Fate/Spider [On Hold]by Oramudadora
"Alright, let's start from the beginning...so I can tell you the origin story Fuyuki's Amazing Vigilante, Spider-Man."
Jeanne D'arc Ainsworths journey: Unbroken warrior by cfitz43
Jeanne D'arc Ainsworths journey: U...by cfitz43
When Lucy was born she was different for the rest of those in Fiore. Not only was she born with magic circuits instead of a magic core but she is also possessed by Heroi...
I Am War ( Male Apollyon reader x fate grand order ) *discontinued* by gg012108
I Am War ( Male Apollyon reader x...by The Enclave
You were the famous Apollyon once a almighty Foe during the 100 years war, soon to be forgotten after the death of his first love and saint, was buried at the Steak, he...
Grand Foreigner (Chapters 1- 200) by RussainReversal
Grand Foreigner (Chapters 1- 200)by RussainReversal
Ainz in the FGO! Will it be a challenge for him? (Spoiler: No). No roflstomp, no hate, no bashing. Just pure Ainz magnificence in play. Also, I have Patreon: https://www...
Tears (ON HOLD) by SerenaCrimson
Tears (ON HOLD)by SerenaCrimson
Gilgamesh meets a girl. This girl is an ordinary person, but why does he feel that the girl is different from the others? Why can the girl attract his attention? And how...
A New Child by BowlofGyudon
A New Childby BowlofGyudon
Tiamat has mothered and raised many monsters and creatures, but never a human. When she hears the cry of a young soul, she rushes to save it. Now with a young boy she sa...
All are equals in the eyes of the Reaper by MCPELuisTuican
All are equals in the eyes of the...by MCPELuis Tuican
On the Fourth Holy Grail War Emiya Kiritsugu summoned the noble Saber Arturia Pendragon. On the Fourty Holy Grail War to help her husband Irisviel Einzberg summoned a st...
Treasure and Toys by caMille740
Treasure and Toysby caMille740
SaberxGilgameshxOC. After the 5th Holy Grail War, all of a sudden, all the servants are released from their chains- even the ones from the 4th Holy Grail War. The reason...
Fate/Incursio by zearph-
Fate/Incursioby Zearph
Tatsumi survived the revolution and was tasked with hunting down all of the Teigu, but he ends up being summoned to precipitate in a grand holy grail war as the berserke...