Chapter forty two- Declaration of War

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Chapter forty two- Declaration of War

"It was amazing! I'd meow at the cat and it'd repeat me! 'Meow', it'd say! 'Meow!'"

Scheherazade giggled into the phone she held propped up with her shoulder, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Titus."

"How are you doing, though?" Titus asked as he skipped merrily through the halls of the Mage's Association college, Aladdin and Sphintus following behind.

"I'm doing much better, really," Scheherazade replied. She was still bedridden for the most part, only able to move on her own to go to the bathroom just across the hall and back. Myron was a big help, but Scheherazade wished she could go back to taking care of herself entirely. Steering the subject away from herself, she asked her son, "How are your friends doing? Did you make any new ones?"

"I did, actually! His name is Aladdin, his parents are super strong mages who live in Japan," Titus continued to ramble on about Aladdin then onto Sphintus, making the two teens blush and laugh awkwardly as they listened to his compliments.

"Mages from Japan? What is his last name?"

"Jehoahaz Abraham. Why?"

Scheherazade's eyes widened somewhat. "I've heard of them, they're very popular with the Mage's Association. I didn't know they had a son, though." She paused at the sound of shuffling feet somewhere in the house. Sitting up more, she spoke into the phone, "Titus, I'll be back in a moment..." She placed the phone down on her nightstand then swung her legs carefully over the edge of the bed, using built in supports on the wall to help her stand.

"Wait, what? Where are you going?" Titus asked through the phone, though Scheherazade couldn't hear him anymore.

"Myron? Is that you?" Scheherazade called as she made her way to the bedroom door. "I thought you were going to be out for the next few hours? Myron?"

"Mom?" Titus continued to call through the phone. He'd stopped walking, causing his friends to bump into him.

"What's wrong, Titus-kun?" Aladdin asked over the blonde's shoulder.

"She's not answering... She's bedridden, she shouldn't be walking..." Titus tried calling out to Scheherazade a few more times, to no avail. The line was silent for a few moments before Titus heard a loud bang, an ear-splitting cry ringing through the phone that forced him to pull his phone away from his ear. His heart sank as he called out to Scheherazade several more times, "Mom?!"

The scream had been so loud even Aladdin and Sphintus heard it, the pair also panicking and shouting into the phone, "Miss Scheherazade?!"

A few seconds of heavy, blurred, panic, later -the other students watching the trio with a mix of confusion and concern,- someone hung up the phone on Scheherazade's end, the quiet hum of the dead line filling the teen's shocked silence.


"Flight number 784 from Rome to Fuyuki will be departing in ten minutes." A pleasant female voice spoke evenly over the airport intercom while people speed-walked from place to place, rushing to make it to their flights without being late. Chatter filled the air, the sounds of machines and several different conversations all filled with their own emotions blending together and wiggling themselves into Caster's head, only annoying the servant further.

"This disguise is appalling," Semiramis complained under her breath, pulling uncomfortably at the frilly bright yellow blouse she wore paired with a grey pencil skirt and heels.

"Stop fidgeting, it's only for a few more hours," Kouen ordered gruffly, his head in his hands as he tried to drown out the busy-ness of the Italian airport. He wore a grey suit, a briefcase beside his chair serving as his carry-on, completing his disguise as a businessman and his assistant waiting for their flight back to Japan.

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