Chapter forty four- Fire and Brimstone

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Chapter forty four- Fire and Brimstone

"Ah, Semiramis~, what a happy coincidence! You're just the evil queen I wanted to see~!" Rider greeted the other servant, clasping his hands together dramatically. Muu stood a few paces behind him, arms crossed and not nearly as theatric as his servant.

"Funny, I was looking for you as well."

Caster and Kouen had been en route to Muu Alexius' apartment, but were pleasantly surprised to see the pair had met them halfway. Caster strolled forward to look Rider over casually, while Kouen remained in place a few steps beside her.

"Kouen Ren," Muu addressed the redhead with a firm nod.

"Alexius," Kouen returned the gesture. "What are you doing here?"

"We were actually on our way to see you," Muu explained lightly, though tension was slowly filling the air around them between the streets of a parking garage and an apartment complex. "It seems we have a common enemy."

Kouen cocked an eyebrow at Muu, "A common enemy? Asking for an alliance, are you?"

Semiramis scoffed, "We were on our way to attack you, not make friends. Surely you recall what you did to Kougyoku, yes?"

"Kougyoku?" Rider echoed, unaware of the owner of the name.

"She's your sister, isn't she?" Muu asked Kouen. "I believe I saw her at the party you held."

"Don't play dumb," Kouen spoke flatly.

Muu frowned, "What are you talking about?"

"You placed a charm upon Kougyoku shortly after the party, correct?" Semiramis interrogated, her gaze drifting between Rider and Muu.

"You've been using her to spy on us and learn information, Semiramis confirmed it," Kouen continued.

"Surely we've been framed," Rider turned to look back at Muu, confirming that his master felt the same.

"I'm afraid not," Semiramis spoke. "And even if you were framed, you're still targets that need to be eliminated."

"Such is war, I suppose..." Rider sighed, directing his words to Muu, "Looks like we'll need to find an alliance elsewhere. Are you up for a fight?"

"No, wait, we're not fighting" Muu raised a hand, "we should settle this misunderstanding first-"

"I'm sure you'll be more eager to fight once you realize the consequences of your actions..." Semiramis interrupted him, drawing a razor from her dress. Slicing a slit into her right wrist, she watched the blood pool abnormally fast around her ankles. Slowly, the crimson liquid made its way towards Rider and Muu.

" is she bleeding so much?!" Muu took a few steps back, disgust crinkling his features as he raised a foot to find blood dripping from the sole of his shoe.

"Master, don't touch it-!" Rider warned all too late, reaching out to the pink haired mage. Noah pulled Muu back by his shoulder so he was facing him, scowling at the blood trailing down Muu's fingertips.

"Queen's Enchantment~" Caster caught the males' attention with a smirk, the cut on her wrist healing and the blood around her dissipating.

"What...? Nothing happened?" Muu looked his hand and body over cautiously. Everything seemed normal, but-

Muu gasped, hands moving to block his ears as an ear-splitting cry rang out. "W-What the hell...?" He dizzily searched for the source, but found he was no longer in the streets of Fuyuki.

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