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The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
The One - A Kouen Love Story by RaraMonster5
The One - A Kouen Love Storyby Rara Monster
A girl catches Kouen's eyes. Not just any girl but one who is strong and stubborn that just so happens to always give him a hard time. Read and find out cause this descr...
More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy Tail/Magi Cross-Over}} by minicchichin
More Than Bargained For {{A mini
Now at the age of eighteen, Elisha is given a job by Makarov himself. Master Bob has requested help in finding out more about a mysterious tower that has appeared in the...
your wish is my command || magi by FrogTwinTopMagician
your wish is my command || magiby 𝕝𝕖𝕪𝕧𝕒
To find her true purpose, she must fulfill her duty, that is what he told her. He taught her what she need to know to do so, then sent her off into the world, with Wisdo...
疑惑と不安 || Sinbad x Reader by jeonggukiez
疑惑と不安 || Sinbad x Readerby Tihda ✨
疑惑と不安 - Doubt and Insecurity. He treated her as if she was a sibling, as if she was someone that could never be deemed lovable in the most romantic ways. She treated him...
Redamancy [Magi One-Shots] by nomain-fandom
Redamancy [Magi One-Shots]by AsceticBi
(N.) The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. He didn't expect to fall in love with you nor expect his feelings to be returned. But th...
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED] by mintashti
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED]by 🔱Mintashti🔱
A oneshot book of Magi for you readers. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion since I only wrote them when I was 11. But I'm sure my writing slowly gets better i...
MAGI! Oneshots Reader Insert! [Slow Updates] by CheekyLittleBunny
MAGI! Oneshots Reader Insert! [ シ︎𝑀𝑜𝑟𝑖 𝐾𝑖𝑚 𝐿𝑒𝑒シ︎
Magi onsehot collection here! everyone loves Magi right? so if you want your Magi character crush to notice you, here's a oneshot just for you reader~Chan! (๑❛ ‿ꆚ❛๑) (゚...
The Blind Prince by StormTearzz
The Blind Princeby Raven
Amir, King Sinbad's son, and prince of Sindria finally gets to leave the kingdom to travel along side his father. They travel to the trade kingdom of Balbadd where they...
Magi Oneshots by holli456
Magi Oneshotsby ~Peek-a-boo~
Just a bunch of random oneshots with magi characters. Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, anime, or pictures. Everything belongs to there rightful owner
Various! Magi X Reader Oneshots! {Requests Are Open!} by Bangtansilvermaknae
Various! Magi X Reader Oneshots! { Park Hye Djin
"Come with me and be the love of my life, I swear to all my might that I will protect you to every love story we'll take."- All Magi Men Requests are always op...
First Love (Hakuryuu x Magi Oc x Slight Various) by Lil-Jelly16
First Love (Hakuryuu x Magi Oc x ☕︎ 𝘳ꫀꪀꪀꪗ ♡︎
"Do you believe in love at first" He said to her "Yes I do because I met you" she said to him. Sorry for the really short summary. I'm actually n...
Sphintus  x OC by A1B2B3B4Y
Sphintus x OCby A1B2B3B4Y
No joke, we don't get enough love for this amazing baby! I'm gonna mix it up this time too.... Aki Adachi is a proud member of Fairytail (HA! Bet you didn't see that com...
Sinbad No Bouken x Wolf!Male ocs by Jkyolo265
Sinbad No Bouken x Wolf!Male ocsby OkamiH
His name is Yuuto Nguyen, he's half human with hybrid wolf. He was born after Sinbad and the other generals, was a child, growing to become a adventurer. So Yuuto Nguye...
The calling-magi x reader by Loe6922
The calling-magi x readerby Loe6922
(Y/N) Yo wants to explore the Seven seas with her older brother Shindo Yo, but their plan to explore the world is put on hold when they visit Sandria to drop off goods f...
Sinbad x Reader by OtakuGirl4Lifes
Sinbad x Readerby OtakuGirl4Lifes
You are a 19 year old princess of a small country similar to Sindria. The Eight Generals keep telling sinbad to take a wife. He chose you There may be lemon. :3
Magi ☆ Oneshots by strayrukh
Magi ☆ Oneshotsby ~❦
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this book! Just the oneshots written in this book! Feel free to leave a request in the comments! That would be of muc...
Magi x Reader by NyxieGoddess
Magi x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Eeeeeey! Lili-chan came up with a second Anime x Reader book! How cool! Requests are accepted all the time in the comments or you can PM me too. What else should I say...
Kouha x oc by i_love_fandoms_01
Kouha x ocby i_love_fandoms_01
What happens when a girl falls into her favorite anime magi and meets a certain pink haired prince? Will she fall in love and try to change her fate? Or will she stay co...
Anime Headcanons And Oneshots   by Vienna343ch
Anime Headcanons And Oneshots by
Headcanons ,scenarios and smut Anime list: Jujutsu kaisen Haikyuu Attack on Titan Banana fish Kuroko no basuke Bungou stray dogs Magi Yuri on ice Owari no seraph