Chapter twelve- Mage's Association

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Chapter twelve- Mage's Association

"Myron, have you heard from Muu at all?" Scheherazade asked her adoptive daughter, her voice frail and weaker than before Muu had left.

"I have. He told me another master threw a party for the beginning of the Holy Grail War, although he only sent Rider," The young red haired woman reported, standing beside her mother's bed.

"Well that was nice of them... What about Titus? Has he arrived at the Mage's Association yet?"

"He called not too long ago. It seems his research is going well, he's certain he'll find a cure to your disease." Myron paused, then huffed, "He was almost too happy to leave Rome..."

"It's alright, Myron," Scheherazade assured. "He's young and curious. A place as magnificent as the Mage's Association's college is surely going to excite him."

"Yeah, but he should be here with you-"

"If Muu is unable to win the Grail, Titus is going to be the last mage in the family. He needs to learn how to be a proper mage if he is to uphold the Alexius family name," Scheherazade cut her off, her tone stronger for a moment.

Myron sighed, "I know, I know..."


"You wanna what?!" Alibaba exclaimed, eyes widened at his younger blue haired friend.

"I want to go to the Mage's Association to learn magic," Aladdin repeated seriously.



"You can't go alone! I-I should come with you! Right, Saber?!" Alibaba sat back on his knees on his bed, looking to his servant who stood just a few feet away.

"You can't, Alibaba-kun. You're in the Holy Grail War," Aladdin shook his head.

"He's right, kid. You can't leave Japan right now," Saber agreed.

"How are you even getting into the school?!" Alibaba turned back to Aladdin.

"My mom and dad are powerful mages, remember?" Aladdin reminded. "They signed me up after talking with some people."

Alibaba sighed in defeat, "But... I can't win the Grail alone..." He sank back onto his legs.

"You'll be fine, I know it! You're an amazing magi, Alibaba-kun!" Aladdin assured. "And I'm going to go and become just as great as you are so we can fight together after the war!"

"I'm not amazing... Without Saber I can't do anything..."

"You are strong, Alibaba-kun," Aladdin insisted. "It takes a lot of power to summon a servant, and you got the strongest one!"

"Don't get all depressed now, kid. We're going to win this Grail together," Saber crossed his arms and smiled, an act that was unusual for the servant.

Alibaba gave a small smile, his mood lifting slightly. "Come to think of it, Saber, what's your wish for the Grail?"

Saber shrugged, "I dunno yet. I'm only fighting cause your spirit inspired me to, kid."

"My spirit?"

"It's clear you've got a strong need for the Grail, although I don't know what your wish is. Even though Lancer's master ditched you, you're will to fight grew even stronger. And you're smart, despite how stupid you look."

"I look stupid...?" Alibaba frowned.

"Don't dwell on it, I was giving you a compliment."

"Right... Thanks..."

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