Chapter twenty five- Healing

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Chapter twenty five- Healing

"Yow! Ok, ok, stop! I'm fine!" Judar yelped and scooted away from his servant as he accidently hit his wound.

"Sorry, sorry! I don't have much practice with these things..." Jekyll apologized, laughing awkwardly.

"I thought servants knew how to do everything when they're summoned?"

Jekyll shook his head, "Not everything, no. That wouldn't be very fair, would it?"

"I guess not," Judar shrugged, then groaned in pain from the simple movement. Jekyll had cleaned and bandaged his chest using supplies in the school nurse's office rather well, yet the white cloth was quickly becoming soaked in blood. The master looked down and scowled, "How'd that baby get such a good hit on me anyway? This is stupid."

Jekyll sighed as he stood, "I'm not sure. Want me to help you up?" The servant had tried to get Judar on to one of the beds or chairs in the room, but by the time they'd climbed the several flights of stairs neither had enough energy to lift him that high, resulting in the pair tumbling to the tile floor.

"No, don't bother. Put up a barrier while I call Hakuryuu," Judar ordered, pulling out his cell phone. It still worked, despite being covered in cracks and scratches.

"Alright," Jekyll agreed and left the room to begin setting up.

Judar scrolled though his phone, selecting the contact: 'Ryuu~~'. After several rings, the blue eyed mage answered. "Yo, Hakuryuu! Can you come back to the school? I'm in a bit of a...situation."

"A situation?" Hakuryuu echoed. "What do you mean, Judar? Weren't you fighting Alibaba?"

"Yeah, I was. It was sort of a tie; I killed his friend, and he got a pretty good hit on me."

"How bad is it? Fatal?"

"Not unless you get your ass over here and heal me."

Hakuryuu sighed, "I'm on my way, hold on... You better come up with a good lie I can tell Hakuei later for sneaking out of my room in this weather."

Judar chuckled, although it pained him to, "I will... You got home fast, though, huh? Did you run or something?"

"No, I just don't waste my time on trivial things like you do."

"You just didn't want to run into Alibaby if he killed me, right? Or the opposite."

Hakuryuu's breathing paused as if he'd stopped walking. In the background Judar could hear Lancer speak, "Are you alright, Master?"

"I'm fine," The teen responded, continuing to walk. "You know, Judar, I could turn around and go back home instead of help you."

"Aw, come on, I was just joking." Judar smirked, "Besides, you'd beat yourself up if I died because of something you did. Or didn't do, in this case."

"Where in the school are you? I'm almost there." Hakuryuu ignored Judar's comments.

"Nurse's office. Third floor."


"Got it."

Seconds later, the pair came crashing in through the large windows on the opposite side of the room. "Had to make an entrance, huh?" Judar's smirk returned.

"Of course," Hakuryuu returned the smile as Lancer placed him on the ground. He pulled off his gloves and shoved them into his jacket pocket along with his cellphone.

"Judar! I heard-" Jekyll burst into the room, breaking off his sentence as his eyes landed on Hakuryuu and his servant. "Oh, hello, Hakuryuu, Lancer."

"Hello, Dr. Jekyll," Hakuryuu nodded to the servant, then walked over to Judar. He knelt down and placed a hand on the teen's chest, easily healing his wounds.

"Thanks," Judar spoke, letting Hakuryuu help him to his feet.

"So you let Alibaba Saluja escape?" Lancer asked.

"I didn't really have a choice. I would've liked to get rid of him then, but he's actually pretty good at using magic, which was surprising," Judar replied, pulling off the blood-soaked bandages around his chest.

This piqued Hakuryuu's interest, "What kind of magic does he use?"

"Fire magic. He, like, made a sword out of fire or something... It was actually pretty cool."

"Hmm," Hakuryuu thought for a moment. "He might actually be more of an issue than I thought."

"So what's our plan?"

Hakuryuu sighed lightly and backed up to sit on the nurse's desk, "Not sure. But did you figure out why Alibaba was there in the first place?"

"Oh, yeah. He wanted to get into Al-Thamen's base for some reason. I let him go. I don't think he knew about the maze though."

"It's possible he and Saber are stuck," Jekyll spoke. "It's quite easy to lose track of where you are in there."

Judar agreed, "Yeah, he's probably dead by now."

"We should check, just to be sure," Hakuryuu decided.

"Why bother?"

"You have to go back that way anyway, Judar. Just check."

Judar raised his hands, "Fine, fine. I'll see ya later then." He grabbed his ripped t-shirt and sweater, shoving his hands into his pockets before heading towards the door, Berserker following behind after saying his farewells.


"He's not there?"

"Nope. Not a trace. Actually, nothing's left but broken doll bits," Judar reported to Hakuryuu over the phone as he walked around Al-Thamen's maze, which was surprisingly still. A strange green smoke filled the air; it smelled stale. The teen crunched parts of Al-Thamen members as he walked, while Jekyll cautiously avoided them. "There's a weird fog too, and it's not Gyokuen's work."

"Are all of the members dead?" Hakuryuu spoke in hushed tones, trying to avoid waking his sleeping sister. She was already stressed out by the failing family business, Hakuryuu didn't want to make her more worried about their mother's affairs as well.

"Pretty much."

"How? Who has the power to do something like that...?"



"Says who? What's his magic like?"

"Fire. As well as some healing magic," Hakuryuu spoke. "Whoever we're dealing with has some insanely powerful skills, and a ton of mana."

"No shit," Judar replied. Then he thought of something, "Hey, on the bright side, this sets Gyokuen back a lot... Now would be the perfect time to-"

"Not yet."

"Oh, come on, Ryuu! I didn't even finish my sentence."

"No need to. Besides, what if she hears you?"

Judar pouted, "Fine... Then we're taking out smoke-man first?"

"Yes. But first we need to figure out who he is..."


Author's Note-

I'm totally not sorry that whenever I write Judar and Hakuryuu together it's 100% flirting and gayness

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