Chapter sixteen- The Gift of the Sea

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Chapter sixteen- The Gift of the Sea


"What?" Sinbad looked up from his computer at Ja'far, who stood in front of his desk.

"An organization run by a mysterious woman. It seems to have it's own religion and beliefs, and no affiliation with the Mage's Association, as far as we know." Ja'far explained. "Their base is in a forest nearby the high school- where Assassin saw Berserker's master enter."

"So does that mean Berserker's master is part of this organization?"

"I don't believe so," Assassin manifested beside Ja'far. "There's something strange about him, sure, but I don't think he's actually part of Al-Thamen."

"He has to be," Ja'far spoke. "He can enter and not be harmed or attacked by those strange hands you encountered."

Sinbad thought for a moment, "Is he their tool, by chance? Whoever this woman is, she must want the Grail for herself."

"Yes, maybe..." Ja'far agreed.

Assassin remained quiet as the two men brainstormed some more. Then suddenly, an idea came to mind, "Wait... I've seen Berserker's master with Hakuryuu Ren a lot recently. It seems the two of them are planning something together. They've mentioned a woman several times, but never say a name. Could Lancer's master have a connection to Al-Thamen's leader as well?"

Sinbad placed a hand on his chin in thought, "That is a strong possibility..."

"Have you heard anything through Kouen's sister, Sinbad?" Ja'far asked. As much as he didn't like the fact that Sinbad had tricked the young girl, they needed as much information as possible.

"Nothing yet. Caster is growing suspicious of us, though."

Ja'far's eyes widened, "Already?!"

Gilgamesh appeared in a leather chair across the room, small smirk on his face at the new topic, "All your sly planning's gone to waste, hasn't it, Sinbad?"

Sinbad didn't even glance in his servant's direction, "Not at all, Gilgamesh. Even if Caster figures me out, she won't be able to lift the spell."

"She's a master magi, Sinbad. I wouldn't be so sure." Gilgamesh spoke.

Sinbad looked at the servant, his eyes narrowed, "Whose side are you on, Gilgamesh?"

Gilgamesh chuckled, "Not yours."

"Kouen's, then?"


"You seem rather interested in Caster, though. Perhaps you know her real name?" Sinbad inquired, although he didn't expect the servant to answer.

"Perhaps I do. But why would I tell you?" Sinbad raised his right hand, showing his Command Seals. Gilgamesh laughed, "You wouldn't be so foolish."

"Do you want to test me?" The Command Seals began to glow red.

"Go ahead, waste your Seals. I'll resist all of them." Gilgamesh challenged.


"Wait, Sin, you wouldn't actually-!" Ja'far panicked, reaching over the desk to try and stop him, but failing as he continued to speak:

"By order of my Command Seals, tell me everything you know about Caster, Gilgamesh!" The red glow grew, fanning out across the room as one of Sinbad's three seals faded from his skin.

Assassin and Ja'far were shocked, the latter growing angry, "Sinbad you're an idiot! If you-!!"

"It's alright, Ja'far. Look," Sinbad nodded towards where Gilgamesh sat. The servant looked okay for the most part, but one eye was twitching. "Not very easy to resist, is it, Archer?"

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