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The Hound's Moon by yuutao
The Hound's Moonby Yuuta Aki
"Let me live in peace! I despise the wars... especially with what they did to my past." Not only was Yuuki Satou a unique magecraft user, she even lost her fam...
  • archer
  • chulainn
  • saber
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Hibari's sister by Luna_Uchiha1
Hibari's sisterby Luna Uchiha
What if Oda Nobunaga from Grand order was reborn as Hibari Kyoya's sister? Read and find out!
  • hitmanreborn
  • gokuderahayato
  • ryohei
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Stacking the Deck by Ezras_Hargrave
Stacking the Deckby Ezras_Hargrave
When Jaune's friends turned on him upon finding out about his transcripts, he felt more lost than ever. By chance he happened upon a stand in Vale, and his life would ch...
  • rwby
  • jaune
  • rwbyfanfic
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Prisma LxL by SaveTheWeak
Prisma LxLby Soskūe
They were both Counter Guardians. They were both siblings that had never met. They were from separate realities. Yet a disturbance unexpectantly brought them together. T...
  • archer
  • dxd
  • shirou
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The Nullifier (DxD x M! Reader) by DragLuard
The Nullifier (DxD x M! Reader)by BloodChamp
No description , will be soon.
  • vanguard
  • malereader
  • crossover
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My King [A Fate Series Fanfic] by ViviTam
My King [A Fate Series Fanfic]by Vivi Tam
After summoning the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, for the Sixth Holy Grail War, Vivi has to learn how to create a bond with him correctly before going out to fight. "S...
  • saber
  • archer
  • fatezero
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Young Heroes by BW1301
Young Heroesby JV Magecraft
Sent to a new world by a misguided wish, Shirou Emiya finds himself in a world full of actual superheroes. Taken in by a kind old sorcerer, what will Shirou do? Will he...
  • youngjustice
  • kidflash
  • superboy
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Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBY by DaffaArsyad
Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBYby DaffaArsyad
Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long they have one daughter Ruby Rose but the truth is they have 1 son Y/N Rose his existence is not desirable by his parent's in the end he...
  • rwby
  • yangxiaolong
  • ruby
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Days of Red (Archer x Rin) by Apikachucanwrite
Days of Red (Archer x Rin)by The Author
"Because you are my master, you are the only one that I shall serve under..." "Because you are my servant, you are the only one I shall command..." ...
  • rin
  • tohsakarin
  • archerxrin
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Everlasting Love by animegirlLOLZ
Everlasting Loveby animegirlLOLZ
Shuvia, an elf girl forced at a young age to take the throne after her mother and fathers death. After the incident of their deaths, the kingdom of Rolinia shut its gate...
  • fate
  • fatestaynight
  • gilgamesh
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My Hero Academia x Gilgamesh male reader by LoveOfBlood13
My Hero Academia x Gilgamesh male...by TheTempest007
When a young boy gets his quirk and figures out how strong it really is he no longer wants to be just a regular hero....no he wants to be the KING OF ALL HEROES!! and hi...
  • hero
  • my-hero-academia
  • myheroacademia
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Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
  • narutouzumaki
  • fatezero
  • sasuke
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Cu Chulainn Drabbles by HohCarmen
Cu Chulainn Drabblesby Cravat
Ranking: #1 - unlimitedbladeworks [12/07/18] Just some Cu Chulainn x Master one-shots that I came up with on a whim. (also a collection of the most cringey one shots yo...
  • fatestaynight
  • cuchulainnxreader
  • lancer
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Heroes of Time [A Fate Stay Night and Jeanne D'Arc Crossover] by Rio2244
Heroes of Time [A Fate Stay Night...by Rio2244
The Holy Grail War is no more, and all the Servants are living in peace with their Masters. However, when Rin Tohsaka gets a call from her Guardian, proclaiming two Serv...
  • fanfiction
  • fatestaynight
  • fate
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King of Magecraft (A Campione and Fate/Stay Night Crossover) by BW1301
King of Magecraft (A Campione and...by JV Magecraft
Shirou Emiya has been born into a modern Age of the Gods. He slays a god to become the Eighth Campione. Annoyed that the mages of this world rely solely on gods, he re...
  • fatestaynight
  • archer
  • shirouemiya
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fairy tail: king of hero's  by merlin0911
fairy tail: king of hero's by merlin0911
gilgamesh after his defeat by shirou is reborn in the world of fairy tail but with no memories of his previous life and in his child form, how will fairy tail react to t...
  • fatestaynight
  • childgilgamesh
  • gilgamesh
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Bachelorette Party ★ Various Male Servants X Reader  by xinghuba
Bachelorette Party ★ Various Male...by krystal 🍓🥛
You are just an average girl, who goes to an average college/high school, and is really average. *sarcasm* Get any sarcasm from that? Because I'm totally normal! Ugh, I'...
  • fategrandorder
  • gilgamesh
  • bored
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Fate Stay Night Memes by _Fuk_Gilgamine_
Fate Stay Night Memesby _Fuk_Gilgamine_
A book of hilarious memes.
  • fatestaynightmemes
  • fategrandorder
  • anime
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Fate/Grimm Reapers (Male Reader) by ThisGuy_Sucks
Fate/Grimm Reapers (Male Reader)by Kintoki is Bestoki
(I feel like restarting...) Born into a family line full of Assassins, The socially-inept Ruby Rose, The Loudmouth yet Strangely Chill (Y/n) Braewen (preferred to be cal...
  • edmond
  • fate
  • weiss
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His Golden Light by Rio2244
His Golden Lightby Rio2244
What would happen if you had the perfect life? Where no one dies.....Where everyone can be happy? Where there is no more Holy Grail Wars, and the Servants can be happy...
  • fatezero
  • romance
  • fatestaynight
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