Chapter fifteen- Liar

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Chapter fifteen- Liar

Kouen sighed and pushed aside a stack of unsigned paperwork, pinching the bridge of his nose. It amazed him how stupid people could be. Did they really expect him to approve of their poorly thought out ideas? He was trying to run a business! Even if Gyokuen was the new owner of the family business -having received ownership after Koutoku's death-, she was rarely around, leaving Kouen to do all the work. At least he had the help of Hakuei and Koumei.

"Kouen, I'm sensing another servant nearby." Semiramis announced, materializing beside Kouen's cluttered desk.

"Who?" Kouen looked up from his work. His servant was dressed in her typical gold and black attire, arms crossed over her chest.

"Not sure."

"Check it out, will you? Unless of course you still refuse to listen to me."

The dark skinned female rolled her eyes, "No. I'll go." She faded into her spirit form with a golden glow.

Caster reappeared on the tall office building's roof, unsurprised as to who the other servant was. "It's quite brave of you to come here like this, Gilgamesh. Were you ordered by your master?"

"No, I wasn't," Gilgamesh was wearing a different casual outfit, this time a black jacket over a white shirt and black pants. His hands were in his pants pockets, and he looked Caster over thoughtfully.

"Then why are you here?" Semiramis kept her gaze firm. She knew the golden haired servant had something up his sleeves. "Are you asking for a fight?"

"No- a source of amusement," Archer corrected, taking a few steps forward.

"Knowing you, that still means a fight." Caster watched him closely.

Gilgamesh ignored her, "I'm here to spice things up a bit. Sinbad promised to show me an entertaining show this war, but so far I'm unimpressed."

"I'm listening." Semiramis crossed her arms, her expression unwavering.

"Not too long ago Sinbad was out playing with your master's precious little sister, and slipped something into her drink," Gilgamesh told with a smirk.

"Why are you telling me this? Doesn't it lessen your chance of winning the Grail?"

"The Grail's already mine; I don't need to win it. Besides, it's more interesting this way." Gilgamesh spoke. "It'll be even more fun if you tell Kouen that it was Rider's master who placed a spell on her."

"And you expect me to lie to my master like that?" Semiramis raised an eyebrow.

Gilgamesh laughed, "What? Are you saying you actually obey him now?"

Semiramis cracked a smile, "Of course not. I'll tell Kouen it was Rider's master. Rider is a strange servant, though. Have you noticed?"

"I'm more interested in what Berserker really is. Any ideas on either of their real names?"

Semiramis shook her head, "None."

"Saber's quite interesting as well," Gilgamesh continued, walking around the roof a bit. "Assassin -whose master is a companion of Sinbad's- was spectating a fight between Saber and Rider not too long ago and it seems Saber fights with a club- not a sword."

"Hm." Caster pursed her lips. "That is quite strange... Lancer seems normal, at least."

"As far as we know, yes. What do you know about his master, seeing as though he's related to Kouen?"

"Not much. He doesn't seem too fond of Kouen, though."

"Well, there's your homework. Figure out what each master's wish for the Grail is, and why they're fighting," Gilgamesh decided.

Semiramis raised her eyebrows and laughed, "You're ordering me around? Who do you think you are, Gilgamesh? You're no better than me."

"Of course I am. You were merely a prostitute and would have continued to be one if it wasn't for that idiot Nimrod."

Caster stiffened, and glared at the arrogant servant, "Shut the hell up. At least I didn't try and fail miserably to obtain immortality."

Gilgamesh narrowed his eyes, "Go ahead, keep it up, Semiramis. I won't hesitate to eliminate you." To prove his point, he summoned a golden portal over his shoulder, a sharp sword poking out of it.

"You don't scare me, Gilgamesh." Semiramis held his glare. "If you want to continue this game of yours, I suggest you leave now."

Gilgamesh wasn't unnerved by her in the slightest, yet he let his portal disappear anyway. "Do your homework, Semiramis." He turned and jumped off the edge of the roof that was just behind him, vanishing in a flash of gold.

Finally alone, Semiramis sighed deeply. She couldn't tell what Gilgamesh was planning, but she had to admit it would be fun to play around with the events of the Holy Grail War.

She then returned to Kouen -after running a small errand-, sharing what she learned, "It seems something has happened with your sister, Kouen."

"What do you mean?" Kouen paused signing another paper to look up at her as she materialized.

"A spell of some sort, I can't be sure what it is exactly," Semiramis placed a brown paper bag on Kouen's desk, "She brought you lunch."

"I see... And what about the servant you felt?"

"As it turns out I was just sensing Kougyoku; most likely because of the spell that's been cast on her." Semiramis continued. "I believe the spell might have come from Rider's master, Kouen."

"Hm...That could be a possibility." Kouen thought it over. "Keep a close eye on Kougyoku, will you?"

"Fine." Semiramis agreed, although she knew the pink haired teen hadn't been home all day. She'd left the afternoon before, and hadn't returned. Kouen didn't know this, having been caught up in more work than usual. Caster sighed lightly, knowing she now needed to find the girl and make sure she wasn't dead from whatever Sinbad and Archer had done.


"You're home rather late," Semiramis sat in front of Kougyoku's bedroom vanity, hands folded in her lap as she turned to the door. "Where have you been all this time?"

Kougyoku gasped, not expecting to see the servant in her room. "O-Oh... Sorry, Caster... I was just..."

"Save it. I don't care."

"But-" Kougyoku stopped and frowned. Sheepishly, she asked, "Is Kouen mad?"

"He doesn't know."

"Oh...I see."

Semiramis narrowed her eyes at Kougyoku, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. "Have you noticed anything strange going on with your body recently?"

"Strange? No, I don't think so..." Kougyoku thought for a moment.

"Nothing at all?"

"Well..." Kougyoku raised a hand to her ear, "For the past day or so my ears keep ringing on and off... Sometimes for just a few seconds, but other times for hours."

"Hm..." Semiramis thought the possibilities over. "And that's your only symptom?"

"Yes, I suppose..."

Semiramis nodded and stood, "Alright. I'll leave you to do as you please, then." She walked past the teen, taking one last look at her- still unable to tell what was different, then left, leaving the pink haired girl rather confused.

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