Chapter eight- Assassin

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Chapter eight- Assassin

Hakuryuu pushed open the door to his and Hakuei's house, closing it behind him. Taking a left he entered the dining room, where all his cousins were already sat with dinner. "Hello," He greeted simply, sitting beside his sister. She looked like a nervous wreck.

Kouen was at the head of the table, "Welcome back." He greeted.

"Took ya long enough," Kouha muttered, picking at his vegetables. Koumei gave him a glare, mouthing 'be polite'. Kouha rolled his eyes.

Hakuryuu served himself, not caring much about the tension-filled silence.

"So I hear you're a master as well, Hakuryuu?" Kouen spoke, looking directly at Hakuryuu.


"What servant do you have?"

"Which servant do you have?"

Kouen frowned slightly, yet answered, "Caster."


"Good for you," Kouen nodded. "He's a strong servant."

"Does that mean you two are going to have to fight?" Kouha asked loudly. Kougyoku hid her face in her long shirt sleeves.

"We'll deal with that when it comes to it," Kouen replied, turning to his siblings.

"Hakuryuu, where have you been all afternoon?" Hakuei asked, her expression worried.

Hakuryuu paused eating, deciding to be honest, "I ran into another master at school, but it was nothing."

"You did?!"

"Who?" Koumei asked this time.

"Alexius. Rider's master," Hakuryuu responded absently. He quickly finished eating and stood, "I'll be in my room if you need me."

In his room, Hakuryuu allowed Lancer to materialize and ordered him, "Lancer, go to Alibaba's house and tell him Kouen's servant is Caster. I can tell Judar at another time. He shouldn't fight you."

"Your cousin won't try anything while I'm gone, will he?"

"No, I don't think so. Not in front of Hakuei or his siblings," Hakuryuu shook his head.

"Alright, I'll be back," Lancer nodded and faded into his spirit form.


The redheaded servant manifested in front of a strange staircase. It was inside of a thick forest, not too far away from the high school. The stairs led deep into the ground, so far down the servant couldn't see the exit even with her heightened sense of sight. This had to be where Berserker's master went. She'd followed him for a short while, but lost him the second he entered the forest.

Assassin began down the staircase with caution, there could be traps anywhere. Luckily, she didn't have to worry much about any mages inside sensing her; being in the Assassin class gave her the ability of presence concealment, meaning she was very hard for other servants and mages to detect.

Several minutes later she reached the end of the stairs. At the bottom was a long platform. The walls beside her had disappeared, replaced with open air. It was dark, and peering over the edge led her to believe the space was never ending. She pulled out one of her spare knives, a dull, old one, and dropped it over the edge. Even after waiting several more moments, she never heard it land.

Proceeding forward, she saw a large iron door. It was bolted shut, but Assassin found no difficulty in prying it open. She barely got a foot in the door when a pair of black hands extended towards her, stabbing right through her stomach.

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