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Kuoh's Prince of Knights (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) by TheAxel1105
Kuoh's Prince of Knights (Highscho...by TheAxel1105
After winning the 6th Holy Grail War, the son of Arturia Pendragon and Shirou Emiya find himself in a world of devils, fallen angels and angels, as well as many more sup...
  • xenovia
  • akeno
  • malereader
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Highschool DxD: Unlimited Blade Works ( rewriting 26-44) by Yuto_Fuyuki
Highschool DxD: Unlimited Blade Wo...by Just call me Yu
Just a idea I got inspired from the Fate Series in general and I don't really have a good summery to put but just to explain the plot a bit. The child of Shirou Emiya an...
  • ốc
  • fateseries
  • unlimitedbladeworks
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Fate/ Fairy (Crossover) by Kamaru_chan
Fate/ Fairy (Crossover)by Kamaru-Snow
☆☆☆☆☆ Who would had thought... "Your fate from normal life turns to an unexpected twist of adventure where you can find magic.." Summon spirits just like Lucy...
  • gray
  • berserker
  • nero
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Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldea by TheAxel1105
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldeaby TheAxel1105
Fujimaru Ritsuka, also known as Gudako was the young magus who saved mankind from extinction by restoring its foundations in history with the help of her many servants...
  • gudako
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  • fatezero
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The Grandmaster At Arms Of Chaldea (Male reader x  Fate Grand Order) by IncognitoSavesLives
The Grandmaster At Arms Of Chaldea...by UseIncognitoMode
Fate Grand Order x Male reader
  • lol
  • action
  • jax
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Fate Rewind by LittleNinjaGirl101
Fate Rewindby LittleNinjaGirl101
It was strange dream to say the least. Most the time Eri would have nothing but nightmares. This time it was different. This time she was standing on a floor that appear...
  • aizawashouta
  • illyasvielvoneinsbern
  • sitonai
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Anime Cinematic Universe by Digimonghost5
Anime Cinematic Universeby Digimonghost5
The name speaks for itself
  • divinegate
  • killlakill
  • swordartonline
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The Men of Fate by Lady_Rhey
The Men of Fateby Jen (aka Rhey)
Stories from the Master and the Men of Chaldea in a modern AU. Not all men will be represented, but requests are welcome. ****Image done by Takashi-san ( C_hkt) I woul...
  • archer
  • soulmates
  • fallinginlove
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Chillin with Fate Series characters by Saber_Shadowlord
Chillin with Fate Series charactersby Saber
This book you'll be able to hang out with all the servant from the fate series it a very nice anime i like the "unlimited blade works",fate/stay night and fate...
  • mordred
  • fate
  • wattys2018
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Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN]} by innocentChildren69
Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN...by ✨
All your favourite characters put together into one book~! Dedicated to our beloved Servants/Masters from the Fate Series <3 ***********{[Send in Requests]}**********...
  • requests
  • fatezero
  • caster
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Tale of Two Worlds: Lancer's False War (Lancer Cú x Master) by Lady_Rhey
Tale of Two Worlds: Lancer's False...by Jen (aka Rhey)
He had fought for others and to honor his pride all his waking moments. Even after he died, he never betrayed the loyalties he kept. But his soul was tired, his emotio...
  • fateseries
  • rubyawards
  • insideoutawards2019
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The Ultimate Hero by RaulValdivia1
The Ultimate Heroby Raul Valdivia
The Throne of Heroes. A place that exists beyond time and space. All the legends of all the greatest heroes throughout history from all the realities are recorded there...
  • dekushima
  • katsukibakugo
  • fate
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She is the KING (Lancer x Saber) by Apikachucanwrite
She is the KING (Lancer x Saber)by The Author
She's an angel wearing a king's crown, with a golden sword swinging in victory. He's a knight with a cursed beauty, who wields two spears. Fighting with and for his King
  • lancer
  • pendragon
  • diarturia
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Sweet Talks ❀ Fate Grand Order One Shots Female Ver. by lilsolvedt
Sweet Talks ❀ Fate Grand Order One...by 정하
❝These moments took forever to finish but I will treasure it until the end.❞ One shots collections of your favorite female servants. (c)lilsolvedt | 26-04-2019 Cover I...
  • malereader
  • fategrandorder
  • femalereader
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Golden Crown by lilsolvedt
Golden Crownby 정하
❝This is not my world but the least I can do is to survive and prove that I'm worthy.❞ What happens when the king of knights found herself arrived in a world of the for...
  • fgo
  • fategrandorder
  • foreigngods
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A New Fate (A Fate/Stay Night fanfiction) by BW1301
A New Fate (A Fate/Stay Night fanf...by JV Magecraft
After his last adventure fighting in another version of the Holy Grail War, Counter Guardian EMIYA is thrown into a new world to help protect his own.
  • archer
  • fateseries
  • completed
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Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki by LyraWinterwoods
Flame Contaminated City: Fuyukiby LyraWinterwoods
Gudako has been transported to Fuyuki on the occasion of Chaldea's explosion. Our heroes think it was a sabotage, but who did it? Who is the mastermind? Does this have a...
  • holygrail
  • fategrandorder
  • grail
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New Life in a New World (Fate Series & High School DXD) by LuciferSinbad
New Life in a New World (Fate Seri...by LuciferSinbad
After winning the Grail War Link asks the grail to be reborn in a different world without the war where he and others who'd fought could live in a more peaceful way bu...
  • sakura
  • emiya
  • servants
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Fate Grand Order [Master Magus Of Self-Movement] by Sage52
Fate Grand Order [Master Magus Of...by Yuu Sumeragi
In the year of 2017, on a normal day of Japan, Yuu Sumeragi (Age 17 January 1, 2000) was a boy with unknown origin who lives in Japan with his Best-Friend Ritsuka Fujim...
  • fateseries
  • fgo
  • nasuverse
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Voice by RoyalEsper
Voiceby RoyalEsper
As gentle as the wind, it started as a whisper, was he imaging the melody? In this place with no company he welcomed the distraction that slowly gained volume. "Can...
  • fateseries
  • gilgameshxreader
  • reader
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