Chapter nineteen- An Offer

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Chapter nineteen- An Offer

Assassin jumped back, narrowly evading Hyde's cane, and threw two daggers in his direction. They had been fighting for quite some time now, the trees and bushes around them in ruins, leaves and twigs everywhere.

Berserker easily deflected the daggers and smirked, "Oh, Assassin, you're so foolish. You may be flexible, but your feeble attacks will never be enough to take me down."

Assassin huffed, avoiding another swing of his cane, and muttered, "It'd be a lot easier if I knew who you were." Then I'd know his weaknesses.

"Don't you already know who I am dear?"

"Of course I don't. Servants don't know each other's names unless they say them." Assassin paused as Berserker's attacks halted. Is he really going to tell me his name?

"Everyone should know the name and live in fear of the mighty Ed-"

"Berserker, no! Stop!" Judar interrupted, coming out from his hiding spot.

Berserker paused and turned to Judar, tilting his head slightly, "You dare interrupt me?"

"Yeah, I do. 'Cause I'm your master! So shut up already!" Judar ordered, holding his stomach in pain.

Berserker laughed, "So bold, you are. Shall I take care of you first?"

Judar grew serious, "Stop. You're done for now."

Assassin's frowned as she watched the pair. "Hey! We're still fighting, aren't we?! Tell me your name already, Berserker!"

"You shut the hell up too," Judar glared at her.

"Make me," Assassin taunted.

Judar pulled out two gems, one blue and one white, "Thalg Thalgeyya!" He crushed the gems and threw them in Assassin's direction, the shards landing at her feet.

Assassin chuckled, "What was that, kid? You're making me disappointed." She crouched down to look at the gem shards. As she went to touch one, they all shook, melting and changing shape. Assassin gasped and backed up as the shards turned into large ice tornados shaped like dragon heads. "What the hell?!" The servant ran, closely pursued by the strange attack.

"Interesting." Hyde commented, hands folded over his cane. He tilted his head back to look at Judar, "Maybe you're not as useless as I saw you to be...Judar."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Judar spoke. "Now, change back already. We have things to do."

"Hmph. Fine. Just this once. Don't grow accustomed to this mercy though, Judar. I will destroy you eventually." Hyde agreed. He spun his cane in the air, and as it twirled it faded in a red shimmer. His typically angry expression relaxed, and his shoulders slumped. He groaned as his frame grew smaller, and his hair and eyes changed color.

Jekyll took control again, looking around the forest in confusion, "What happened? Judar?!" He searched for his master worriedly.

"Welcome back," Judar greeted, crossing his arms as the pain of using magic faded.

"Where's Assassin?" Jekyll asked, standing straight and looking over the damage to his suit.

"Off in the forest somewhere being chased by ice dragons," Judar answered nonchalantly.

"Is she retreating?"

Judar shrugged, "I guess so. She almost got your name from Hyde. Or I suppose his name."

Jekyll paused, panic in his expression again, "He didn't, right? You stopped him?"

"I did, I did. Then Hyde actually agreed to change back. So Assassin still thinks I have one Seal left."

"Why would he do that?"

"Dunno, don't care. C'mon, Hakuryuu and Lancer should be at the apartment by now." Judar placed his hands in his pockets and began walking deeper into the forest.

"Right," Jekyll nodded and followed behind his master.


"Ah, there you are."

Alibaba gasped, the files flying everywhere as he quickly stood. The fire in his hand disappeared, and he backed up several steps, "Who are you?!"

"I'm Sinbad, Archer's master," A purple haired man smiled, entering the room fully and closing the door behind him, locking it shut. "You're Alibaba, right? Saber's master?"

"Y-Yeah, that's right..." Alibaba stammered. "Are you...the Overseer?"

"No, Ja'far is," Sinbad corrected. "You met him earlier, right? He's the man with white hair who has captured your friend."

"Cassim was...captured?"

"Don't worry, we won't kill him. He's not a master. You are." Sinbad folded his hands behind is back and paced the room. "Why are you here, Alibaba? You do know this is neutral territory, right?"

Alibaba felt like Sinbad's golden gaze was peering into his very soul, able to read his thoughts with ease. "I know..."

"Why are you following Cassim's lead? He knows nothing about what it takes to be a master. He's going to get you killed one day." Sinbad stopped pacing, a genuinely concerned look on his face. "You're smarter than that, Alibaba. You're different than him, you know that."

"No I'm not." Alibaba shook his head. "I shouldn't even be a master. I'm just a kid, just like he is."

"And what about your alliance with Berserker and Lancer's masters?"

"Alliance?" Alibaba frowned. He thought for a moment, wondering if he should let Sinbad think he was allied with Hakuryuu and Judar. No, I already blew that... "We're not in an alliance. We never were."

Sinbad looked surprised now, "Really? But you were friends, weren't you?"

Alibaba shrugged, "I don't really know Berserker's master." He might have known Berserker's real name, but he wasn't about to tell that to another master. Especially one so strong and associated with the church. "By the way, why are you here at the church if you're not the Overseer?"

"I'm a friend of his. It's a long story for another time," Sinbad spoke. "Anyway, Alibaba, I'd like to offer you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" The teen narrowed his eyes cautiously.

"Ally with Ja'far and I. As you may have read in our paperwork, an organization by the name of Al-Thamen is making an appearance. We are unsure where they stand in the war, but it's clear they mean harm. As not only the Overseer, but as masters as well, Ja'far and I have decided that eliminating Al-Thamen is top priority." Sinbad explained, his gaze serious and mysteriously unreadable. "I'd like your help with it. Your fire magic should prove useful, if you know how to use it properly."

"I...don't know..." Alibaba thought it over. "I don't really know you... I can't trust either of you."

"I see... That's true..." Sinbad nodded, then smiled, "Then you and your friend may leave unharmed. As I said before, this is neutral territory. It would be unfair to attack you like this."

"Ah... Thank you, Sinbad." Alibaba forced a smile. "Where's Cassim? And Saber?"

"Cassim and Ja'far are in the main room. Saber and Archer should be there too, follow me," Sinbad said, then led the way down the hall.


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