Chapter seven- A Truce

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Chapter seven- A Truce

"What did you discover, Assassin?" Ja'far asked his servant as she reappeared in the church.

"It seems that Alibaba Saluja, Hakuryuu Ren and Berserker's master are all in an alliance together," Assassin reported, placing a hand on her hip. Her skin was a dark purple all over, and her hair was dark red and pulled into a ponytail that was nearly as long as she was tall. She wore black boots and matching jeans, and her top was a low-cut corset that ended in a V-shape. The corset also had sleeves, which only covered the underside of her arms, and wrapped around her wrists. She typically wore a skull mask, but during casual moments like then she'd leave it off.

"What do we know about Berserker's Master?" Sinbad asked, arms crossed and dealing with a slight hangover.

"Not much," Ja'far sighed. "It's surprising three masters have allied with each other so quickly, though."

"Assassin, go try to figure out more about Berserker and his master," Sinbad ordered.

Assassin looked to her master, Ja'far. "Go ahead," He nodded. "His orders are my orders, so follow them."

Assassin nodded, pulling her skull mask over her face and disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.


"Alright... So... What does everyone want to talk about?" Alibaba broke the awkward silence. The three masters and their servants were all crammed on the floor around a small table, several teacups resting on saucers on it.

"First of all," Hakuryuu started, "This is Judar, Berserker's master."

"Yo," Judar raised a hand. Jekyll smiled politely.

"Second of all, we need to discuss this 'alliance'."

"Right... Are we actually in an alliance or not?" Alibaba asked.

"What I said this morning is still true: I do not want an alliance with you."

"Then why did you save me?"

Hakuryuu paused. Lancer raised an eyebrow, also curious what his answer would be. "It was a one time thing."

Alibaba frowned. Saber raised his eyebrows, "So do you plan on allying with this guy instead?" His hair was blond and his narrowed eyes blue.

"Ah..." Hakuryuu looked to Judar, who expected him to say yes. "I think it would be better if no one allied with anyone right now."

"Well that's not fair," Judar objected. "You already know a lot about Je-Berserker and me, yet I know nothing about Lancer! If we were to fight I'd be at a huge disadvantage!"

"It's not my master's fault if you freely share your information," Lancer defended.

"I don't know anything about Lancer either, Judar," Hakuryuu added. "You told me about Berserker on your own free will."

"You asked me to! We haven't seen each other in years! I figured my only friend would be a good person to talk to about these things!" Judar raised his voice, leaning over the table. "You're the whole reason I was hanging around the school, anyways! I wanted to see you!"

"I'm not allying with anyone right now. That's my decision. If you two want to ally, go ahead." Hakuryuu began to stand. Alibaba and Judar looked at each other, each giving the other a nasty look.

Saber grabbed Hakuryuu's sleeve, pulling him back down, "Stop avoiding your problems, kid. Why don't we talk more and come to a solution we all can agree on?" He looked to the other servants for their opinions.

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