Chapter nine- Celebration

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Chapter nine- Celebration

"A party at Kouen's...?" Alibaba frowned. A familiar had been sent to his home, with an order from the Church.

"Isn't Kouen Hakuryuu-san's cousin?" Aladdin asked, sitting beside him on the blond's bed.

"Yeah... This is weird though..." Alibaba destroyed the familiar by setting it on fire with his magic.

"Are you going to go?"

"I guess... It's an order from the Church, so I have to."

"This is a bad idea, kid," Saber appeared before them, frowning. "You shouldn't go anywhere without me."

"It says servants have to come as well. So I won't be alone," Alibaba informed. "We just need to get some nicer clothes for you."

"Can I come too? We could take Mor-san!" Aladdin asked, smiling.

"I don't know... You're not an experienced mage, Aladdin," Alibaba paused, then sighed as Aladdin gave him puppy eyes, "Fine, you guys can come." He stood, turning to Saber, "Come with me, you both need suits, there's a shop nearby. I already have mine."

~Two days of preparation later~

"The guests are arriving, Kouen," A tan skinned woman with chocolate brown hair and eyes spoke in a smooth voice. She wore a black low-cut top that stopped before her bellybutton, and a long black dress that reached the floor, slits on both sides of it to allow her legs moving room. On her waist was a golden belt, that complimented the outline of her top and golden jewelry. She also wore a sort of cape that was translucent black with golden armor-like shoulder pads. Lastly, she wore golden sandals that went up to her knees, and a golden headpiece fit for a queen.

Kouen nodded, standing beside her on a tall staircase. Just ahead of them, down the stairs, was a pair of large doors that led outside. "Kouha, Koumei, go greet them and let them in," Kouen ordered his siblings who stood nearby, both of them wearing suits similar to Kouen's. The pair nodded, and headed down the stairs.

"Caster, do you know where Kougyoku and Hakuei are?" Kouen turned to his servant.

"My job is not to watch over your siblings, Kouen. And call me by my actual name," Caster reminded, her eyes not parting from the main entrance.

"It's risky to let others know you real name, Semiramis. They could learn your weaknesses."

Semiramis narrowed her eyes and growled, "I have no weaknesses."

Kouen smirked, "Come, let us greet our guests."


Alibaba, Aladdin, and his servant were all dressed in tuxedos -the pink haired Morgiana in a matching dress- as they approached the large mansion. Golden light shone from every window, and loud music was playing inside.

"I guess we're not the first guests?" The blond teen assumed, slightly nervous. He glanced around, hoping he'd find Hakuryuu or another familiar face. He found none.

"C'mon, let's get this over with," Saber pushed past his master, grabbing him as he went. He shoved the door open and marched inside, Alibaba helplessly following behind.

"Welcome to the Ren mansion! We hope you enjoy your time here tonight," Koumei and his younger brother stood in the doorway, a forced smile on his face. Kouha wasn't trying at all, barely mumbling along as Koumei spoke more, "Before you enter, there are a few ground rules. One- No fighting. Two- No magic. Three- Please try to keep the peace tonight, none of us are looking to start anything, this is just a friendly party to celebrate the beginning of the seventh Holy Grail War." Koumei cast a glare at Kouha, silently urging him to continue.

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