Chapter thirty one- The Mirrored Assassin

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Chapter thirty one- The Mirrored Assassin

The pair stopped walking, a sort of black smoke materializing several yards in front of them. It was wispy and dark, yet somewhat translucent. From the smoke came a certain ashy-purple skinned servant, tossing her red ponytail over her shoulder and smirking at the pair before her. "How's it going, Berserker?" Assassin's cocky smile grew and she said, "I brought back-up this time."

On cue, atop a nearby streetlight, materialized another servant in a golden glow: Archer. He said nothing, and instead watched the three with a bored -and slightly annoyed- expression. He clearly had no desire to engage in a battle, unlike the female servant had planned.

Assassin glared up at him, her smirk fading, "Seem's he's just here to look pretty. Whatever." She turned back to Judar and Berserker. "Up for a fight?"

Judar glanced around, searching for a quick escape. They were in the open, right in the middle of a street, yet he knew any attempts at fleeing would result in Archer skewering him. The servants red eyes were burning holes into him, it was like he knew exactly what Judar was thinking. "Berserker."

"Judar, you're not actually-" Jekyll fell into his usual panic.

Judar kept his gaze on Assassin and Archer, while muttering to Jekyll, "We don't have an option. Fight as is or change, hell if I care..." He cracked a smile as he spoke, "I can tell this'll be an important battle..."

"Judar, this isn't a battle we can win." Jekyll insisted.

"Ugh, quit talking, already!" Assassin complained. "I'm going to kill both of you no matter what you do!" She drew two black daggers, then ran at the pair.

Judar reacted immediately, pulling out a small handful of gems, which he crushed and tossed at the approaching servant. The ice shards were met with several golden swords, neutralizing the attack before Assassin was even in its proximity. I thought he wasn't going to fight? Judar thought angrily.

"Shit..." Judar cursed and cast a quick glare at Gilgamesh before calling over his shoulder to Jekyll, "Berserker, change already!"

"I don't want to..." Jekyll answered feebly.

"Like I care!"

Assassin laughed, "You're wide open!" She swung her daggers in a X formation, cutting deeply into Judar's arms, which he raised in the same position to block her.

The force of her attack sent Judar flying backwards into his servant, knocking both to the ground. "Dammit..." Judar grumbled, looking at his torn sweater sleeves. "This was Hakuryuu's! He'll kill me!" He hissed as the cuts on his arms began to sting badly. "Ah, fuck! What is this, poison?!" It felt like his wounds were bubbling and burning, and they looked like it too.

"J-Judar!" Jekyll pushed the teen off of him as Assassin ran at them again. He quickly stood, tanking the poisoned daggers head on.

"Je--" Judar stopped himself from calling the servant's true name. The servant was quickly covered in deep slashes, Assassin's blades moving quicker than they'd ever seen before. She's really serious this time... Judar silently cursed himself, actually reluctant to perform his next action, "Berserker... By order of my Command Seals: transform!" He raised his right hand, the single Command Seal glowing, followed by his entire body glowing red in jagged lines briefly.

Gilgamesh narrowed his eyes at the young master from his perch, noticing the odd glowing. Assassin noticed it as well, and paused her attacks momentarily. That should be his last Command Seal, he won't be able to control Berserker anymore...

Jekyll cringed at the command, his entire body burning from the poison dripping from his wounds. He could feel Hyde clawing at his insides of his brain, trying to tear his way out if Jekyll resisted any longer. The servant was forced to give in, the pain far too much to bear.

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