Chapter twenty nine- Tale of a Hero

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Chapter twenty nine- Tale of a Hero

"You know, before I bother telling you all this, do you know a lot about Greek mythology?"

"Greek mythology? Ah, a bit, I think." Alibaba thought for a moment. Then he began bouncing with excitement, "Wait! Are you a Greek hero then?! Ooh, ooh! Let me guess!"

Saber sighed reluctantly, "Go ahead."








"Try another -seus." Saber smirked. "You're close."

"Odysseus? Come on, one of those has to be right!" Alibaba wracked his brain for another name.

"Give up?"

"Of course not!" There were a few moments of silence. Several moments, rather. Saber raised an eyebrow. "Wait, ok? I'm working on it," Alibaba insisted.

"Starts with a T..." Saber hinted. "Ends in a -seus... You should know it by now!"

"Ah...nope. Not a clue." Alibaba gave up, shaking his head.

"It's Theseus!" Saber exclaimed, standing. "How have you not heard of me?!"

"Oh. I see."

"The hell does that mean, you brat?!" Saber lunged at the other blond, who began laughing. Saber grabbed Alibaba by his shirt collar, "You do know who I am, don't you?!"

Alibaba nodded, "I do, I do! I was just messing with you!" He raised his hands in surrender, all the while laughing. "H-Hey, Theseus, can you let me go?"

Saber huffed and roughly released his grip. He sat back down on the bed and muttered, "Why don't you go to sleep already, brat?"

"Aren't you going to tell me your story?" Alibaba reminded eagerly. "Were you a demigod like Hercules? What god was your parent?"

"Poseidon." Theseus answered simply. "My mother and father were Aethra and Aegeus."

"You had two dads?"

"Yeah, I know, it's weird."

"It's pretty cool, actually. Where were you born?"

Saber answered, "Troezen, Greece. Any other questions?"

"How'd you die?" Alibaba asked his final question.

Theseus chuckled, thinking back, "I was thrown off a cliff."

"Seriously?! Why?"

"Fear, jealousy, envy. Take your pick. Your guess is as good as mine." Saber shook his head. "I killed countless beasts and brigands, yet get killed so pettily. It's shameful."

"Well, your life was good, right?" Alibaba tried, unsure how to comfort the servant.

"I enjoyed it, yes. Every bit of it." Theseus smiled, then stood. "Get some sleep, kid. I'm tired of talking."


Saber cut him off, "I'll tell you more later, sleep. And stop beating yourself up over what you can't change." Then he vanished in a blue glimmer.


For the next few weeks, everything was rather peaceful. Alibaba was extremely distant, despite Saber's constant reassurance, and remind in his room most of the time, still grieving and recovering physically from his fight with Judar. Rider and Muu remained hidden, while a rift formed between Kouen and his servant, right when he thought they were beginning to get along. Lastly, Hakuryuu remained at home, and even went to school for a few days, trying to spare Hakuei from more stress.

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