Chapter six- A Master Appears

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Chapter six- A Master Appears

"I never said that,-" Hakuryuu stopped as a scream rang out from below them.

"What was that?" Judar wondered, walking to the edge of the rooftop.

"Why would anyone be around here so long after school ended?" Hakuryuu followed, and his eyes widened when he saw the source of the cry. Alibaba. "Lancer, let's go!" Without another thought, Hakuryuu jumped off of the roof, forcing Lancer to follow after so he didn't get himself killed.

"Hakuryuu?!" Judar called over the edge of the roof in shock. Luckily, Lancer caught the teen before he reached the ground, the pair landing safely. Judar turned to Jekyll, "Can you do that?"

"I don't believe so... We're going to have to take the stairs."


Once he landed on the ground -with Lancer's help- Hakuryuu scanned the area for the source of the scream. The sound of clashing weapons echoed in the air, and Hakuryuu instantly followed it.

"Master, what's the plan?" Lancer asked as they ran. He didn't bother asking why Hakuryuu was going to help the other master, he already knew the answer.

"We need to see what's going on first," Hakuryuu breathed. "We have no idea what we're fighting."

As they neared the school's tennis court, two servants came into view. One wore simple cloth armor and wielded a sword, while the other wore armor similar to that of the Greeks, equipped with a club made of brass. The tennis net was well beyond destroyed. While the two servants were fighting each other, Alibaba stood on the sidelines, one hand holding his stomach, blood seeping through his fingers.

"Alibaba!" Hakuryuu called to him, running straight to his side. The servant clad in Greek armor faltered for a moment, most likely worried for his master. "What happened?!" Hakuryuu looked Alibaba over. He seemed fine, besides his bleeding stomach.

"I don't know. I was just leaving to walk home from school when a random servant appeared in front of me. I could barely call Saber in time..." Alibaba explained, his voice pained.

"What servant is he?" Hakuryuu asked. He placed his hands over the other teen's stomach, using magic to quickly heal him.

"I don't know..." Alibaba paused and watched Hakuryuu in amazement, "You know healing magic?"

"Life manipulation, yes," Hakuryuu nodded. He quickly scanned the area for any signs of Judar or Berserker, but found none. The new servant's master was nowhere to be seen either.

"Master, this servant's master could be that strange man from this morning," Lancer spoke, also looking around.

"Most likely."

"What strange man?" Alibaba asked.

"A new substitute teacher I met today. I could feel mana coming from him, but he didn't seem like he could be a master," Hakuryuu informed. "He thought my Command Seals were temporary tattoos, but apparently it was a lie..."

Suddenly, the fight between Saber and the mystery servant shifted, the foreign spirit taking the upper hand. Saber was having a hard time fending him off.

"Lancer, help Saber," Hakuryuu ordered. Lancer nodded and ran at incredible speeds to intervene the new servant's next attack. Hakuryuu turned to Alibaba, "Come on, we should go find Ukiyo." He began walking away from the tennis court, Alibaba following behind.

"Hey, Hakuryuu..." Alibaba started.

"Don't bother. We can talk later," Hakuryuu silenced him.

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