Chapter twenty two- Cassim's Answer

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Chapter twenty two- Cassim's Answer

"Jekyll, now! Stop Hyde!"

Hyde looked around, not realizing where the voice came from at first.

Saber pulled himself to his feet, and retrieved his club, "Aw, man! You actually managed to dent my club!" He pouted at a large dent in the side of his weapon. He frowned and looked at Berserker, confused at where the sudden burst of energy came from. Could that have been his Noble Phantasm?

Hyde laughed as another mental order came in from Judar directed at Jekyll, "You'll never reach him, boy. He's long gone."

"What are you talking about?" Saber asked, walking over to Berserker with his club resting on his shoulder.

"It seems my master is in danger..." Hyde spoke, but his voice was different. It was a mixture between Jekyll's and his own tone, and to the confused Saber it sounded like two different people talking at once. Hyde growled, "Don't try to fight me, Doctor. You can't win."

Saber had so many questions, yet he limited himself to one, "'Doctor'? Who's that, Berserker?"

Instead of responding, Berserker let out an inhuman growl, his body contorting awkwardly. He stiffly reached a hand into his coat pocket and pulled out a pink-tinted bottle. A strained laugh passed through clenched teeth, "This again, Doctor? Brings back memories, doesn't it? I'm surprised a mouse like you was able to do this again."

Saber took a step back as Berserker wrestled with himself over the bottle's cork, "Is this some kind of trick...?"

"Sir Saber, I'd suggest retreating with your master for now," Berserker advised, then swiftly downed the contents of the small bottle. Seconds later, he screamed- a mixture of a normal man in pain and a demon-like creature the blond servant couldn't explain.

Saber took several more steps towards the forest, his weapon vanishing, as Berserker held his head in pain, the same red energy as before pulsing around his entire body. More inhuman screams came from the mad servant, Saber deciding that was his cue to leave entirely. Whatever the hell is happening, I do not want to be there.


"Cassim, Cassim! It's-it's fine, your wounds aren't that bad you'll be fine..." Alibaba held the teen in his arms, everything around him fading away, his focus entirely on his bleeding friend. Blood was everywhere. All over the dirt floor as well as both of the teen's clothing, all of Alibaba's attempts to slow the red fluid failing miserably.

"Alibaba..." Cassim spoke, his voice cracking. "Leave while you can... Berserker will be here any minute..."

"No way!" Alibaba cried, shaking his head. "I'm not leaving you again. We just found each other again! We're gonna save Balbadd..."

"You're gonna save Balbadd," Cassim corrected. "It was foolish of me to try and fight beside you. This Holy Grail War is way bigger than me. I always knew you were special, Alibaba. You've always been different. I should have listened to you."

"No, I haven't!" Alibaba denied. "We're the same! I never wanted to be in this stupid war!"

"Go, Alibaba! Get into Al-Thamen's base before Berserker comes! Now!"

"No..." Alibaba shook his head again, the tears from his eyes just as hard to stop as the bleeding from Cassim's body. "I-I can't..."

With the last of his strength, Cassim shoved the blond away, "Get going, Alibaba! Win the Grail, for Balbadd!"

Shakily standing, Alibaba sniffled, "O-Okay... I will!" He took a few steps back, bumping into a tree. Tripping over his own feet he turned to run, but stopped as Judar called out to him.

"H-Hey, Alibaba." The black haired master's condition was bad as well, his hoodie thoroughly soaked in blood. "Don't you dare kill that bitch before me. Gyokuen is mine."

Alibaba frowned through his tears, "Who's that?"

"Al-Thamen's witch. The one leading the entire organization," Judar replied weakly.

A rustling sounded in the nearby bushes. Alibaba nodded, worried the noise was Berserker returning, "Alright, got it." The blond then turned and ran towards the deep staircase that was Al-Thamen's main entrance, completely unprepared for what he'd find there.


Hakuryuu had snuck out of Judar's apartment just before the red-eyed servant encountered Alibaba, and was now making his way back to Hakuei and his home on foot, the sky turning a light pink as the sun began to set.


The black haired teen paused abruptly at the familiar voice. He looked around, finding its owner across the street, "Morgiana?" He checked for cars before jogging across the street.

Do you know her, Master? Lancer asked him mentally.

Yeah, she's a friend. You may have seen her at Kouen's party. "What are you doing out so late, Morgiana?"

"I had a club after school, and had to walk home," The girl answered. She was still in Junior High, just a few grades lower than Hakuryuu. She had her bright pink hair down, and was still wearing her school uniform.

"I see."

"What are you doing out, Hakuryuu-san? I haven't seen you or Alibaba-san walking to school at all either..."

"Oh, well... I had to take some time off to help my cousin with work. The company is having some trouble recently so..." Hakuryuu lied, avoiding her pink gaze.

"Oh, I understand...but what about Alibaba-san? Is he still upset about Aladdin-san going to England?"

"Aladdin went to England? Do you know why?"

"Yes, he went to go to the Mage's Association," Morgiana nodded.

"You...know about magic?" Hakuryuu frowned.

"A little, from what I've heard Aladdin-san and Alibaba-san say. Aladdin-san sends me letters all the time about his classes, but he said Alibaba-san hasn't been responding to him."

"Hmm... I wonder why?" Hakuryuu genuinely wondered why the blond master would ignore his best friend. Even with the Holy Grail War in the way, it was strange that he wouldn't respond.

Morgiana shrugged sadly. "I miss both of them, as well as you, Hakuryuu-san. When will you be back in school?"

"Not for a while... Sorry, Morgiana," Hakuryuu apologized. "I need to head home now, I'm sure my sister is waiting."

"Alright... See you later, then, Hakuryuu-san."

Hakuryuu nodded, "Goodnight, Morgiana."


Author's Note-

Chapter title came directly from the episode in Magi Cassim died lmao I'm creative huh?

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