Chapter forty- Recovery

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Chapter forty- Recovery

Merely half an hour later Lancer was dragged from his thoughts as Hakuei rushed into the small hospital room, tears in her eyes as she looked over her younger brother. Lancer stood, leaving the room in silence to allow Hakuei time alone with Hakuryuu, who had yet to wake up. Lancer didn't get very far before a familiar face appeared in front of him.

"You..." The servant stiffened, preparing for a fight.

"Don't worry, I'm not here for a fight. I'm just here to see how my cousin is," Kouen Ren assured, expression calm and void of emotion.

"...He's stable, for now."

"What happened?"

"Archer," Lancer reported. "He took three of my master's limbs and wounded Saber's master."

Kouen thought for a moment, then sighed. Searching for a nurse he told Lancer, "Don't tell Hakuei this," He turned to a nurse at a nearby desk as he continued, "but I'm going to pay for his expenses and prosthetics."

The female nurse's eyes widened, "That's a lot of money! You can afford that?!"

Kouen didn't reply, instead simply pulling out his checkbook. Over his shoulder he said, "Go check on your master, Lancer."

Lancer nodded, bowing momentarily as he replied, "Thank you, Kouen Ren."


"I don't want him in here."

"Please, Hakuryuu, he's just here to help," Hakuei sat beside Hakuryuu's bed, her tone gentle and caring as she tried to convince the teen to allow Kouen to enter his room. Hakuryuu had been awake for not even ten minutes, yet he was already being extremely difficult.

"It's fine, Hakuei,'' Kouen spoke from the doorway. "He has good reason to be wary of me."

Hakuei sighed, turning to her brother, "Hakuryuu, can't you drop out of the Holy Grail War now? You're in no position to fight!"

"I can get prosthetics," Hakuryuu said flatly.

"The Holy Church offers protection to those who drop out of the war, don't they?! We could go there!" Hakuei pressed, growing more desperate by each passing second.

Hakuryuu laughed dryly, "There the ones who attacked us! The overseer is working with Sinbad, we can't trust anything coming from them, don't you get it?!"

"Hakuryuu..." Hakuei trailed off, searching for another arguement. "I can't let you get yourself killed over this. Isn't there something I could do to help?"

"Just stay out of the way. That's the only way I can protect you." Hakuryuu averted his gaze, staring blankly out the window. Moments later Hakuei stood, muttering a quiet 'thank you' to Kouen as she passed him in the doorway.

"I paid for your prosthetics," Kouen stated simply, strolling into the room with his hands in his pants pockets. He was still dressed for work, having left there early to meet Hakuei at the hospital.

Hakuryuu remained silent.

"Who is this 'Sinbad', by the way?" Kouen tried again to make conversation. He looked to Lancer when Hakuryuu didn't reply.

"We're not really sure," Lancer answered, "but he was in the sixth Holy Grail War just thirteen years ago. He and his subordinates overthrew the Holy Church then and now lead it themselves."

Kouen nodded slowly. "I hadn't heard of the sixth war... If I had known I would have participated then as well. Where did you get this information?"

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