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Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED] by mintashti
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED]by 🔱Mintashti🔱
A oneshot book of Magi for you readers. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion since I only wrote them when I was 11. But I'm sure my writing slowly gets better i...
  • sindria
  • sons
  • sphintus
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Happiness by NaokiIchigo
Happinessby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] One Shots about Hakuryuu, his wife and his children.
  • owncharacter
  • happiness
  • love
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||Wandering for You||Magi x Reader|| by Melodichii
||Wandering for You||Magi x Reader...by Selina
START: January 10th 2019 END: (ONGOING) UPDATES: Almost everyday or a few times per week. She was born in a dungeon, her mother died giving birth to her, thus giving the...
  • hakuryuu
  • alibaba
  • jafar
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Inazuma Eleven One Shots by JinVelvet
Inazuma Eleven One Shotsby Jiru
(Closed) *Please read the Introuduction first before commenting your request* READER X CHARACTER!! 》 Request Box is Closed《 The character only own by ©Level-5 ...
  • burn
  • inazuma
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Magi x Reader by NyxieGoddess
Magi x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Eeeeeey! Lili-chan came up with a second Anime x Reader book! How cool! Requests are accepted all the time in the comments or you can PM me too. What else should I say...
  • titus
  • jafar
  • muu
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Magi: The Lost Queen by KiraTheFallen
Magi: The Lost Queenby <>_Kira's Studio_<>
[UNDER HEAVY EDITING] 5 years have passed, after Sinbad took over the sacred palace and Kou finally regained its glory but... everything changed.. then.. ~~~~ An unknown...
  • love
  • magi
  • morgiana
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Magi One Shots And Scenarios(Requests Are Closed) by yahiko_uchiha
Magi One Shots And Scenarios(Reque...by HappyPrideMonth
Sooooo many of these, but I'm doing this because I absolutely love Magi! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!! btw, I've only watched the Anime, haven't read the Manga yet. Pics not m...
  • yamraiha
  • oneshots
  • jafar
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MAGI! Oneshots Reader Insert! [Slow Updates] by CheekyLittleBunny
MAGI! Oneshots Reader Insert! [Slo...by ❄AlphaAngel👑
Magi onsehot collection here! everyone loves Magi right? so if you want your Magi character crush to notice you, here's a oneshot just for you reader~Chan! (๑❛ ‿ꆚ❛๑) (゚...
  • aladdin
  • anime
  • renkouha
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Seven Deadly Sins x Male Reader by Mecha_Fenix
Seven Deadly Sins x Male Readerby Mecha_Fenix
The Seven Deadly Sins (or the nanatsu no taizai) They are known for been the strongest holy knights of Britannia. But they were accused of treason to the kingdom for a c...
  • adventure
  • elizabeth
  • magi
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The Bloody Survival [A Magi X Reader fanfic] by Squishy_Clouds
The Bloody Survival [A Magi X Read...by Introverted Idiot
The trees swayed with the wind as the leaves danced along. The city was calm and peaceful as always. But in a blink of an eye everything changed. War was engaged and tho...
  • jafar
  • virus
  • magi
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~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Reader) by Cookielzi
~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Read...by Cookielzi
[Y/N] found herself in the world of magi however she has a secret too. She too caught hearts of the boys and has to change and choose something. What could it be! Stay t...
  • judal
  • titus
  • kogyoku
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Anything But Worthless [Akakstuki no Yona Fanfic] by elovesatuhoa
Anything But Worthless [Akakstuki...by Eliza
Ji-Na, the name held nothing but hate. She wasn't meant to be born. She should've been a he. The queen was meant to bare a male heir and instead, they were given another...
  • ouryuu
  • yonaofthedawn
  • hak
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The Emperor's Bride »  Ren Kouen (A COMPLETE STORY)  by AGirlWithWildDreams
The Emperor's Bride » Ren Kouen (...by Anastasia Isabella Fujimori
  • imperials
  • hakuei
  • sindria
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Magi: A Twist in Time and Space 《Sinbad X Reader》  by mr_kriswuyifan
Magi: A Twist in Time and Space 《S...by ☆김티나 , 김태형☆
One stormy day a young woman (y/n) who goes by the name T is suddenly transported into the World of Magi. She wakes up as herself when she was 7 year old and meets the y...
  • kouen
  • magi
  • hakuryuu
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half magi, half fanalis 。// magi x reader by hakuryuutears
half magi, half fanalis 。// magi x...by 𝒽𝒶𝓀𝓊
the struggles of being the long lost fanalis princess and the new magi, chosen solely out of an attachment by family blood. ⎡1ѕт ρℓα¢є - мαgι ωαттуѕ⎦ a/n: i'll only say...
  • judar
  • xreader
  • magithekingdomofmagic
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In such an Enchanting World (Magi Fanfiction) by Misetsuki
In such an Enchanting World (Magi...by みせ月
『 ...Before Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana get out from the Amon Dungeon, it was a child that shows up out of nowhere. That is how the young girl's enlivening journey wi...
  • hakuryuu
  • action-adventure
  • wattys2019
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The Blind Prince by StormTearzz
The Blind Princeby Raven
Amir, King Sinbad's son, and prince of Sindria finally gets to leave the kingdom to travel along side his father. They travel to the trade kingdom of Balbadd where they...
  • blind
  • love
  • bxb
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More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy Tail/Magi Cross-Over}} by minicchichin
More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy...by mini
Now at the age of eighteen, Elisha is given a job by Makarov himself. Master Bob has requested help in finding out more about a mysterious tower that has appeared in the...
  • magithelabyrinthofmagic
  • hakuryuu
  • sinbad
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Oblivion (Magi Fanfiction) by SerajConqueror
Oblivion (Magi Fanfiction)by Seraj Akeji Conqueror
"Hurt them and you'll deal with me" "Betray my trust and in return, you'll be in the depts of hell" "I can be generous to you, *smirking evilly*...
  • koumei
  • kougyoku
  • hakuie
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Magi x reader Oneshots by Kawaiiwolf13
Magi x reader Oneshotsby Da Goddess of Destruction
This is a oneshot book about you (the fantabulous reader) and magi characters! NO COPYRIGHT!!!! I DONT OWN MAGI!! (BTW this ish men first book soi if it sucks its NOT m...
  • jafar
  • judar
  • aladdin
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