Chapter eleven- The Black Sun

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Chapter eleven- The Black Sun

"Come on, Jekyll! Come out already!!" Judar whined, lying on his bed. It had been three days since Kouen's party disaster, and Jekyll refused to show himself. No matter what Judar tried, the servant remained hidden, not even speaking to Judar through his thoughts. "What's your problem, anyway? It's your fault you got drunk and let them provoke you."

"But it's your fault for letting me fight them instead of holding me back like you should have," Jekyll materialized in his typical attire, back facing Judar and his hands folded behind him. "What were you thinking?" He whipped around to face Judar suddenly, his face red with anger, "What if he hadn't changed back? I could have killed you! And-and wasting your Command Seals like that! You're so reckless, how could you-"

"I have a bunch, remember?" Judar spoke, not at all phased by the servant's frustration.

"That's not the point!" Jekyll exclaimed. "The other masters don't know that! Now they just think you're a reckless child -which you are-, who only has one Command Seal left!"

"Wait, you remember everything that happened?"

Jekyll paused, and shook his head, "Not exactly. Bits and pieces, but nothing concrete." He frowned, "Stop changing the subject! I'm supposed to be yelling at you!"

Judar waved him off, "I don't care about the other night. It was fun seeing what Hyde looks like!" He sat up, now excited, "You're badass like that! You totally scared the other masters!"

"I didn't do anything," Jekyll crossed his arms over his chest. "He did."

"Well, he's you isn't he?" Judar frowned.

"Technically. But we're very different people."

Judar shrugged, "Ok." He flopped backwards onto his bed and said, "Hey, Jek, you should make me something to eat. I'm hungry."

"Can't you make it yourself?"

"I don't know how to cook."

"How have you been taking care of yourself all these years?" Jekyll raised an eyebrow, his anger fading.

"Sometimes the Al-Thamen members drop off food, but it always sucks ass," Judar stared at the ceiling. "Other times I buy take-out with money Bitch gives me."

Jekyll sighed, it looked like he didn't have a choice, "What would you like?"

"Hmmm," Judar hummed. What hell could he put his servant through this time? "Curry." He smirked, "You're going to have to go to the store too."

"You've got to have some ingredients here," Jekyll could tell Judar just wanted to mess with him. He wasn't going to allow it. "Where is your kitchen?"

Judar stood with a sigh, "I'm telling you, we don't have anything here." He walked to his bedroom door and pulled it open, "But if you insist, come on."

Down a hallway and through a small living room was Judar's kitchen. Everything was typical, looking just like a small apartment. No one would guess a maze filled with dreadful creatures and Al-Thamen guards was placed just outside.

Pulling open the white fridge door, Judar gestured to the bare shelves, "See? Nothing."

Jekyll reached in and grabbed a lone carton of milk. He raised it to his nose and pulled a face, "How long has this been in here? It's practically a solid!"

Judar raised his shoulders, "Dunno." He took the carton and placed it back in the fridge, closing the door after.

"So you're just going to leave it there?" Jekyll asked in disbelief. Another shrug from his master. Shaking his head, Jekyll said, "I'm going to have to teach you a thing or two about taking care of yourself."

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