Chapter 47

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Yn P.O.V

It been a whole week since i havent talk to Jacob. I understand the fact that we not together. Its just the was he put it the way he said it. He's been calling me. But ya'know i been declining it.

But i have work. I gotta pay bills right.


So im at the front desk. These people came rushing talm bout the man got shot. I hurried and went to go get a nurse. But it was kinda hard bc they was yelling at me. But one of them has to stay back and fill the form out.

"Excuse me sir wait" i slightly yelled.

"You have to fill these forms out." i said handing them to him.

Then i relized it was Jacob. He looked up and saw it me.

"Look yn-..." He got cutt of

"Save it just fill out thr forms" i said not making eye comtact.

"Please can you just let me explain myself." he said

"Not here. Ill tell you when im ready or w.e" u said and went to typing on the computer


Ik know short but im just busy. And i didnt wanna leave yall hanging ya'know

Love you guys

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