Chapter 49

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December 24
Yn pov

Today is Christmas Eve. And i just wanna Celebrate. I just wanna be happy for once in my life.

So i put on something warm. -in media-

I graved my MK purse and hopped in my car. Right before i hopped in my car my stupid ass boyfreind call me.

Ughhh the last chapter. Was some months. And you can guess we all a lovey dovey couple. But were not. He a Cheater. And he lies. And he a fucking bufurd. And. The thing about it is......
Im Pregnant with 3 months. And it hard asf mann...

But anyways to the phone call...

"What" you saud picking up the phone. In a calm voice.

"Hey bae. Come get me. I wanna be with you" he said in a happy tone.

You smacked your lips and rolled your eyes.

"Niggah u havent been home in two fucking days. Im getting tired of yo ass frfr. Where tf you at" you said getting impatient.

"Dont get mad k.... Im at 2106 Montgomery Street." he said.

"W.e im omw" you said with a attitude.

So i rode out there. And got my big ass out the car and knocked on his door.

A see some skank ass bitch.....
Is it his.... mom nope...
Is it his sister.... hell nahh....
Is it one of his cousins.... fuck no.....
Is it family pidd... hell nahh....

So i guess angry ran over me. So i punched thay bitch in her fucking face.

Yn pov again

That bitch went flying to this floor crying and screaming holding her face.

Then he came.

"Wtf happened" ge said looking up at me...

"I tired of yo bullshit. Stay yo ass here dont fucking come back into my motherfucking house pidd. I fucking hate yo bufurd ass" you said turning around walking away.

Bitch niggah.

You got into yo car. And speed off to the mall. To shop bc you dont want to be mad


Hi guys sorry i been M.I.A i been busy and i been doing something. And yall been in my mind, to update this whole time

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