Chapter 44

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Yn pov

While we were looking at the sky.
"Im sorry" he said still focused on the sky.
"For what" i said
"For bulling you idek why i did those things ya'know" he said now sitting up.
"I been forgave you." I said sitting up and laying on his shoulder.

Next thing you know we were looking into each other eyes leaning in slowly.
Then BOOM! We kissed. I felt like melting. And it felt soo right. The kiss was magical.

We broke the kiss away. And we both looked away quietly not knowing what to say.

"Its getting late. Maybe i should take you home"
"Sure" i said still in that daze.


The ride hime was quiet. He walked me to my door. "Thank you for this wonderful noght. I really enjoyed myself." i said shyly
"Ohhh. No biggie. I had a good tome to" he said putting on his million dollee smile.

I pecked him on the lips and wemt inside. This was the best night ever.

Hello guys. Short chappie. But im in pain and um busy so i had to rush. I never forgot love u guys

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