Chapter 18

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Yn pov
See I'm in track bc ya know I'm a thick girl. So I run my best. When it's races Mr.V tells me to set out the equipment and stuff like that. But it's this one boy his name is darvell. Oo he soo sexy. Darvell at the top. Kaylah jamea jamiya and Jacob latimore are in it. I just don't run or do anything with them. I have friends from westside I can hang with. I run and do track with Ashanti. She bi but I'm not she don't ack big around me and that's good. So we outside on the track Mr. V was like all girls on the track. I was on like the 3rd group. Buttkicks Mr.v said. And go. We start doing buttkick. When something caught my eye. Jacob l was mad and so was Kaylah. I have been noticeing that Jacob and Kaylah haven't been talk sense track started. Bc Jacob l been hanging with that group of boys. And Kaylah been hanging with that group of girls.

40mins later.
Everybody on the track. Do 6 laps around the track. Coach v said. Go I jogged around and put my headphones in and listened to feeling myself. I was in my zone till I got tapped. I took my headphones out to look who it was. And it was darvell ooh girl you know I got this feeling inside me. You just don't know. He smiled and was like ........

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