Chapter 25

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Hey y'all I might be a Lil shaky but I'm very very nervous wanna know why bc at track our first track meet is April 13 and I'm in field/shotput and to tell you the truth I'm a bad thrower like that ball is 8 pounds and u got to throw that.. Then we gotta do 12 pounds who when I pick that up I insteally fell..... But here we go... Wish me good luck

Yn pov
The next day

Soo I'm walking into the cafeteria and I felt a hard squeeze on my but I turned around so fast it was Princeton. Now that right there was just disrespectful. I thought about it I'm going to take up for myself.... So I walked over there and tapped him on the shoulder

U: but ummm excuse me sir but who tf are u to touch my body parts. But to be honest I don't want your crusty dusty ashy ass hands on my butt thank you very much

Prince: that what you wasn't saying last night

U: what was I saying last night.

Prince: ugh prince faster

U: nigga u betta get yo life

Next thing ik i s that I felt this nigga grave my arm

And we walked out to the library.

So he dragging Me then we was the library....

Next thing I knew I he smash his lips into mine. I tried to push him off

- at my school it a big library so you can possibly hide up in that mf-

He was to strong ...

I started mumbling prince stopped

Prince pushes me.

Prince: dammit Yn you want never let me hit it probly ant that good anyways. It might stank

Yn: but you wanted it doe. And yo dick probably small don't nobody want that shit..

Next thing you know u felt a sharp pain in yo left cheek....


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