Chapter 40

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We went to his Black Jeep. And shoved my big bear in his trunck. It was a struggle at first. But we got it in.

"Waittttt" he said. "Whattt" i said giggling. "we for got to get one that ride. The best one of all." He said excited. "Omgsh i cant believe i almost forgot" i said serious and sarcastic.

He locked the car doors. And graved my hand and almost dragged me in excitement.


We were getting strapped in the roller coaster. I was scared asf. This is the biggest roller coaster here. Now dont get me wrong i LOVE roller coaster. But they alsoad me nevous.

I remeber my first rollercoaster.

I think it was called the superman. And they put up up side down so were looking at the ground. I swear i felt like i was going to die. My cuzzo diamond was next to me telling me not to scream. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.


1 2 3 goodbye.

The rollercoaster started off fast asf. Felt. Then u slowed down going up the high hill. I closed my eyes. Then i heard a giggle. I look next to me Jacob was look at me cracking tf up. Next thing i knew we in full speen go up and down in loop-the-loopes. I thought it was over. But my thoughts where wrong. We wnt backwards. I was screaming harder. I looked to my saw Jacob screaming. I laugh as we came to a stop.

How was that ride.

We was released. I looked at jacob. He was wobbly. I was laughing hard aaf. I pulled him to the car.

"THAT WAS FUN AAF" he said while driving.
"Yeah ik thank you for taking me." i smiled as a smile appeared on my face. "Anytime."

30 mins later

We arrived to my home. He got out and opened my door handing me my oversized teddy. I thanked him. He walked me to my door. Now we were staring into each ither eyes. Omgsh.

He leaned in. I closed my eyes. Our lips met. My body tensed. I love every site of it. I blushed hard asf like a school girl. He smile and walked to car. I walked inside my house. And laid on the couch feeling soooooooo dreamy.

I-i think i was in love.

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